You Know You Cloth Diaper When…..

     I have been cloth diapering my children for just over 3.5 years now. I have learned a lot and continue to learn. It has changed me in many wonderful ways. I truly believe that cloth diapering is a practice full of love and pride; There are few acts as loving as shopping for, preparing and washing your baby’s cloth diapers. Here are some great ways to know you’re if hooked on the cloth diapering lifestyle! Twenty ways to know you’re a Cloth Diaper Addict! You know you cloth diaper when:

You Know You Cloth Diaper When:

1. You take great joy in admiring your cloth diapers all washed, folded, and ready to be used! In fact, you have photos to prove it!

2. You have a “stash” and it’s nothing illegal.

3. The highlight of your day was having  “plopable” poop that got tossed into the toilet without any extra cleaning or spraying.

4. You’re like a chemist in your laundry room. You know the perfect soap to water ratio, temperature, and just how much of what to use in case of emergency. You can tell if the detergent completely washed out by feel alone!

5. If you have a HE machine, you know how to trick it to use more water to get your diapers extra clean. In fact, you could teach the company a thing or two!

6. You look forward to “fluff mail” and may even be seen by your neighbors jumping up and down and squealing when it arrives at your doorstep. The mail carrier just thinks you’re plain bananas.

7. Guests who visit your home may be confused by the ‘dish sprayer’ attached to your toilet. The spraypal or dollar store garbage can with the bottom missing (that you clearly sawed off yourself)may make them decide to toilet at home before visiting next time.

8.  You love talking about cloth diapers, and you belong to several groups to do so! Family members politely listen and may be a little sick of hearing about cloth…except other cloth loving Mamas that is!

9. Your spouse/family member thinks you have an addiction and is actively searching for cloth diaper support meetings. Spouses of Clothaholics for hubby?

10. When scheduling a doctor’s appointment your next thought is about what diaper your little one should wear for his/her exam! Hey, no one sees the cute outfit…Everyone sees the diaper!

11. Last time you tried to use a disposable you couldn’t figure out how to get it on right. Even after several attempts it still looked like it was your first time putting on a diaper….wearing a blindfold.

12. There is a huge jar of coconut oil out floating around your home, and it’s not for cooking.

13. You know what “china cheapies” are and either love them or hate them, but either way you appreciate all the prints!

14. There is a diaper pail/or wetbag hanging in your bathroom that would prevent any snooping guests from opening up anything else in your home.

15. You sun diapers outside on a laundry line. In fact you know how and when to hang them to get their whitest. You also have photos of your diapers sunning and look forward to the first warm day of the year when diaper sunning it at it’s peak!

16. If you could sew like a pro your dream job would a WAHM diapers maker. While few of these handmade beauties would probably ever get sent out in the mail, your little one would have an amazing stash!

17. Babylegs are not just the legs on a baby to you…they are an accessory for showing off cloth! Who would want to cover up those beautiful diapers anyway?! You may have even made your own version from knee-high socks.

18. Your regular vocabulary includes AI 1 or AIO, AI 2, Pocket, single/double gusset, Aplix, snap, doubler, insert, prefold, fitted, OS, booster, EBF, OTB, PUL, and various abbreviations for your family members.

19. You stripped this week….and had all your clothes on while you did it.

20. You love your baby so much, that carrying around his/her poop in a wet-bag tucked into your diaper bag doesn’t phase you. In fact, you will spray it, wash it, hang it to dry and are proud knowing that you are doing something amazing for your baby and the environment.

How Do You Know You Cloth Diaper?

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4 years ago

You know you’re a cloth diaper addict when you click to read this post, already knowing almost everything it will say, then nod along and smile at each list item.

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