Woven Wrap Conversion

Chimparoo Jacquard Woven Wrap Conversion SSC

Chimparoo is one of my favorite babywearing brands. The company owner is an Occupational Therapist, like me, and they produce beautiful well-made carriers. Chimparoo carriers are Made in Canada and include woven wraps, ringslings, Mei Tais, and TREK carriers with variations. Recently Chimparoo launched their Design Collection featuring Jacquard fabric and transformed an already excellent carrier, the Chimparoo TREK, into an even better carrier! How? See below:

woven wrap conversion chimparoo design collection

Disclosure: I was provided with a product sample for this review.

I fell in love with woven wraps two babies ago and a Chimparoo woven was one of our first. Made of organic cotton and very reasonably priced for the quality, I continue to recommend them. When we found ourself at 4 babies and using a SSC more than wrapping, I fell in love with the Chimparoo TREK carrier. Made with the same amazing fabric as their woven wraps, but with the convenience of a SSC. Now, Chimparoo has developed a design collection like with Jacquard woven wraps, ringslings, Mei Tai & TREK soft structured carriers. Take a look at our Dandelion Aqua TREK sample below.

So, true story. I order from Amazon a lot. With 4 boys 6 and under…if I can order instead of going to Walmart…I order. I was home one day and there was a honk from the driveway. It was the UPS delivery man with a huge smile on his face. He was laughing at my box with giant writing on the side: “Mannequin.” I’m very proud of this dress form and can now show you the carrier on a form and on me! Here it is below.

woven wrap conversion chimparoo jacquard

woven wrap conversion chimparoo jacquard

woven wrap conversion chimparoo jacquard

(Pinterest image below, they like the tall ones)

Chimparoo Jacquard TREK features

  • NEW – collection made with a premium quality European woven Jacquard
    • Simply beautiful
    • Jacquard weaving
  • Multiple Adjustments.
    • Waist
    • Shoulders
    • Chest strap
  • Soft & moldable but supportive
    • Not as thin as my standard or toddler Tula
    • More moldable than my Lillebaby
  • From birth to early childhood. (7-45 lbs).
    • Baby seen here is 19m and 36lbs
  • Stretchy head support and seat for newborn
  • 3 carrying positions
    • Back
    • Front
    • Hip
  • Padded shoulder straps and semi-rigid waistbelt
  • Adjustable and multi-positional shoulder straps
  • Designed to be used with stirrups
    • Not pictured here but I think we should try some!
  • One size
  • Made in Canada
  • DVD included
  • Wash before use
  • Awesome pricing

woven wrap conversion chimparoo jacquard

woven wrap conversion chimparoo jacquard

Overall impression

First off, I have to thank my husband for taking some photos. He’s getting better, but I was especially thrilled to find some I wasn’t talking in and/or had my head cut off at the top. This is a beautiful carrier. A woven wrap conversion for the price of a regular SSC. The fabric is beautiful, moldable, has a sheen, is soft but supportive and beautiful.

If you’ve ever experienced sticker shock when shopping for a woven wrap conversion soft structured carrier, you won’t find that here. Because Chimparoo makes the wraps and the carriers in-house these are at great prices. You won’t pay $400 for these beauties! In fact, this carrier goes for just over $200. YES!

Below are some stock photos from Chimparoo to show you some of the other patterns and products. You can purchase these directly from Chimparoo and I don’t see them from retailers yet, but I’ll update this when I see them in stock at my affiliates.

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