Work At Home Mom (WAHM) Spotlight! Toosha’s AI2 Cloth Diapers

I have not been paid to write a review for these diapers. These are my own personal kick ass diapers and I am writing this review based on my own opinion and experience with the product. 

      WAHM bam, thank you….work at home Moms! This series features amazing Moms who craft quality items and income for their families by running small businesses. This post features Toosha’s AI2 cloth diapers. Once you see these beautiful creations, you’ll want a whole stash.
   I am the proud owner of 4 WAHM Toosha’s cloth diapers. Each diaper fits up to approximately 40 lbs and is hand made fluff magic. These are my 4 below. I call them – from top left to bottom right; Aliens, Mickey in Love, Mickey Mouse, and Dinosaurs. 
    Did you know that a cloth diaper was the first thing Toosha’s ever sewed? I think she was born to make cloth! When the need arose for her 2nd baby she purchased a sewing machine and started developing her own diapers (talk about ambition) . She is the proud Mama to 3 babies ages 6, 3, and 1 who have served as inspiration for her line.

     Something about using a WAHM diaper feels special; Like drinking a cup of coffee with freshly ground hand picked beans. Each time I hold a WAHM diaper,  I imagine the love and care that went into each stitch. Okay, I’m not daydreaming or anything, but they are pretty special.
     In addition to being made in the USA (which I love), the purchase of WAHM products like Toosha’s diapers helps to support a family and their brood. Toosha’s is the proud cloth-diaper-sewing Mommy to 3 babies and regularly thanks Toosha’s lovers for helping her stay at home with them.
    Toosha’s cloth diapers are sold on Etsy, which is a site for crafters and artisans to display and sell their goods. They are all-in-two or AI2 diapers that include a 3-layer cover and a snap-in snake insert. Check her shop regularly to see what new prints and patterns emerge!

     How does Toosha’s get such great prints? The diapers are 3 layers allowing for just about any print on the outer fabric. The layers consist of; An outer cotton woven or cotton knit, a hidden PUL and microfleece (pictured in blue below). In addition, each diaper comes with a snake style soaker made of organic bamboo fleece and cotton velour.
     The snake soaker is 3 layers and can be folded in many different ways to add absorbency right where it’s needed. When folded in half it makes a trim but absorbent 6 layers and can be doubled further! I create an extra fold in the front for my boys and snap it out for fast changes and easy cleaning.

     Although stock diapers seen in the Etsy shop do not come standard with fold down snaps (to accommodate smaller babies) they are free upon request!! This is a great feature because the diaper is adjusted with a fold-down, instead of rise snaps which interrupt the pattern when the diaper is folded up. You can see the fold down (top row) below, and the standard row directly underneath it.

     Toosha’s diapers fit from NB up to 40 pounds. The fold down feature (pictured above) along with 6 side snaps (3 on each arm) allow for many adjustments. Look at the size variety below! Small setting (L) Large setting (R). These fit both my newborn and 20 month old babies.
     Like a pattern you see? Buy it! There may be just 1 available! If you want several, speak directly to Toosha’s with the custom request button and diapers will go into production just for you!
     Okay, so as you can see I’m thrilled with Toosha’s diapers! I highly recommend checking out her shop on Etsy! Patterns and diapers vary based on the fabric she’s working with and custom orders are available. Want a military diaper, done, a Superman diaper, done. Ask away and get beautiful custom fluff creations. Like her page on Facebook for updates, giveaways, and fun! 
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