Why Jill Duggar’s Babywearing is So Wrong, From Someone Who Actually Babywears

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     Why Jill Duggar’s Babywearing is So Wrong, From Someone Who Actually Babywears (As opposed to all the sites bashing, and not using this opportunity to talk about safe babywearing).

     If you haven’t seen the news articles pinning Jill Duggar as possibly the worst babywearing Mom ever…you need to crawl out from under a rock. She can be seen in photos with her baby hung low in what appears to be a cotton pouch style sling with rings, possibly a handmade model popular before the public was more educated about babywearing and CPSIA compliance became mandatory for the safety of baby items. Certainly before Infant Deaths prompted sling recalls, and Babywearing International started it’s T.I.C.K.S. campaign to educate the public about babywearing safety, these slings made a semi-popular appearance. Does this sling meet safety standards? I hope that is a question she’s asking and investigating.
     Jill Duggar, please throw your sling in the trash. From two photos I can not be sure of it’s construction, but to be on the safe side; Do not donate this sling, do not give it to a friend or family member. Take this sling and recycle it as a doll, repurpouse as a hanging planter for your fern….but please do not use this sling. Feel free to message me, watch some how-to youtube videos or shop for any other carrier made after the existence of cavemen that meets babywearing safety guidelines. With your publicity and popularity I know many companies will send you one for free! Please read my babywearing series and see some really beautiful safe carriers you could be using!
     I hear it over and over again “I carried my baby in a sling like that and he/she didn’t die.” Well good for you! You risked your baby’s life and he/she survived. This goes along with parents saying “My kids were never in carseats and they survived.” Point being, that there are better and safer ways to do things, and many many baby carriers out there.

So why is Jill Duggar’s sling so unsafe:

  • Baby’s face can not be seen and it takes seconds for an infant to suffocate, aspirate on spit-up that would normally go on Mom if baby was upright, but will more likely stay in baby’s mouth/nose in this position.
  • Baby’s head is not close enough to kiss, ensuring proper supervision in sling.
  • In this position, baby Israel’s chin is encouraged to touch the chest, which inhibits breathing. Ever take a CPR course? You pull the chin/head up to open the airway, this position is just wrong.
  • Improperly positioned trunk. This position not only ignores the spine’s natural curves, but it forces the trunk into a “C” position which does nothing to promote development.
  • In this position (unless this baby snores like a diesel truck) it’s impossible to monitor breathing.
  • Aside from positioning, there are rules about fabric type, density, overall construction and ring strength (slingrings are the go to for babywearers). While not all home made slings (as this appears to be) are unsafe, they must meet the same standards as big brands.

Here are babywearing safety tips Jill Duggar should follow:

Jill Duggar, here is what your baby should look like: (Newborn through 5 months)

 3 Days old in a Boba Wrap (below)

1 Month in a Moby Wrap (below)
3 Months in a Ringsling (below)

5 Months in a Woven Wrap (below)
     I have lots of photos and carriers in my babywearing series.Seriously Jill Duggar please look…and if you want to chat message me! The carrier you are using is far from ideal and there are more comfortable, safer and more stylish options out there! Plus it will get you out of the news for poor babywearing safety and in for being a super savvy Mom and give some great PR for babyweraing Moms everywhere.
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** I am unsure who photo credit goes to, I obviously didn’t take these. I have seen the photos on several news sites, and on the Duggar Family Satirical Facebook Page.

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