Why Babywearing Moms Make the Best Friends

Before I had my baby, I had a picture in my mind of what parenting looked like. To my surprise, things did not go as I planned. I found myself sleep deprived, nursing constantly, and my son cried every time I tried to set him down. I thought, “How am I supposed to get anything done?” I quickly realized that I needed a baby carrier and ordered one online. Little did I know that this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Soon after, I learned that babywearing Moms make the best friends. Here’s why! Post contains affiliate links.

Babywearing Moms are there for each other, even if it’s online

My first entrance into the babywearing world was with a carrier I ordered from Amazon. I soon learned that there were online support groups, in-person support groups and babywearing in public instantly made me friends with just about any other Mom with a carrier.Complete strangers were happy to take time, online, to help me learn how to use it! They looked at photos, gave me feedback and helped get me started. How kind, right?!

Babywearing Moms can become instant friends

Recently, I was with my son at his specialist and walking down the hall to orthopedics. I saw a woman smiling at me from ear to ear. She came over and said “I LOVE your Tula!” I was having a rough day and it was so nice. She was so cheerful and really brightened my day. I was so stressed out that I didn’t even realize which carrier I was wearing!

I was standing in the Wegmans parking lot a few years ago and, out of the corner of my eye, saw a woman running towards me. At first, I thought there was an emergency. Then I saw her smile. She had a toddler and grabbed the tail of my ringsling and said “This is sooooo beautiful, where do I get one?” We had a great conversation and I’m sure she went home to order one!

The Nod. You know the one!

I was shopping at a discount grocery store for organic junk food with my brood. From across the store I saw another babywearing Mom with her wrap conversion carrier. We made eye contact and gave the Nod. It says, I see that you’re a babywearing Mom too, I love your carrier, we’re in this together and I’d love to talk about this conversion if my other kids weren’t running away.

Over the summer I was at the Farmer’s market and pushing two toddlers in the stroller, wearing my baby in a wrap and had my 5 year old walking. I noticed a Mom with a wrap watching me and I looked at her and smiled. We were across the street and couldn’t talk, but she smiled back and lifted her chin. I knew that chin lift, it was the Nod.

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Babywearing Moms have their own language

I love your wrap! What size is it? Oh, this is a 6 but I’m looking for a 7 on the swap so I can get a better tie on my double hammock, it was great for a front cross carry when baby was smaller, but the linen is making this woven a little diggy and stiff on my shoulders. I’ve been breaking it in, washing with an optical-brightener free detergent and making hammocks for my other kids…but it’s definitely not cushy. If I can’t trade it, maybe I’ll convert it into a blanket or wrap scrap bag. I always thought this one was permastash but after trying my first fiber blend, I think wider and cushier are better.

Babywearing Moms have figured out how to multitask

After using a baby carrier, I couldn’t understand how someone could not have one. I mean, it should be the first thing on a baby registry! To any stressed out Mom complaining “I couldn’t get off of the couch today, my baby wanted to be held all day” or “I can’t put my baby down without crying,” there are herds of babywearing Moms offering to loan a carrier or make a recommendation.

Babywearing Moms have even figured out how to take baby in the shower or pool with a water sling, on a hike with a SSC made for hiking or simply eat a meal with both hands while wearing a happy, sleeping baby, right on our chests.

This makes us less stressed out, happier and more willing to lend a hand to a Mom who is clearly in dire need of a carrier. We even trade carriers, loan them, send carriers traveling, swap and can use baby slings like currency.

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4 years ago

I am so looking forward to baby wearing when my little one gets here!!

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