Why Are Woven Wraps So Expensive?

     Why are woven wraps so expensive? I struggled with this question for a long time; when my budget was low and my desire to have a woven high. First, I hoped I could make one myself. I searched in local fabric shops, online fabric websites, read articles and researched woven wrap makers endlessly. I had a difficult time finding suitable fabric and when I did it was very expensive. Next, I tried to use supportive but not woven quality fabric. My first non-stretchy wrap was a DIY from JoAnn fabrics that ran just under $35 for 6 yards of home decor fabric. If you are making a DIY wrap, it’s important to use a bottom weight fabric and not something you would use for clothing or quilts. So….What is it that makes a woven wrap so expensive? Eventually I found out!

     Unlike Woven Wrap Fabric, many fabrics have beautiful patterns that are printed on them — on one side — and are a neutral color before being printed. Imagine taking a stamper onto a white sheet of paper, similar concept. Other fabrics are made from neutral fabric, then dyed completely after the fact, appearing as though it was made with colored thread. Take that same sheet of paper and dip it into a bucket of dye, get it?
     So, what makes a woven wrap different? A woven wrap is made from yarn-dyed threads, meaning that the wrap is colored throughout. The strands of fibers used are colored before the wrap is woven. In addition, often woven wraps are made in limited quantities, many companies within the USA and other reputable areas, and of higher quality thread then fabric you would find in fabrics designed for clothing or home decor. For example, If a woven wrap is hand-woven…that means that someone is sitting for hours, possibly weeks at a loom weaving each thread and design! The man hours, craftswomanship and care that goes into that speaks for itself price wise!

Woven Wrap
      Yarn Dyed
       High Quality Yarn (May be a bled of cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, silk, repreve, tencel)
       Limited Quantity
       Developed Specifically for Babywearing
       Complex Fabric Patterns and Designs traditionally Jacquard
       Traditionally Use Fair Trade Practices
       May be Made in USA or Finished in the states
       CPSIA Compliance Guidelines

Traditional Fabric
       Print Dyed (one sided)
       Multi-Purpose (Not specifically for babywearing)
       Mass Produced
       May be Finished, Developed and Designed Overseas.

     Some of the most expensive woven wraps are hand woven. These are made on a loom quite literally by hand. Here is a Great Video from Pollora of a Hand Woven Wrap: 

     Other woven wraps are of high quality, but machine woven. Here Is a Great Video From Didymos (A Popular woven wrap company) Showing how their wraps are woven:

     Some of the most reasonably priced fabrics are made of lower quality threads and mass produced, like bed sheets. Here is a Video Depicting How Non-Babywearing Fabric is Traditionally Made:

     So, now that you know why woven wraps are so expensive. Next is to determine which one is right for you. You can find a machine woven wrap at a very reasonable price like a Chimparoo or a Babylonia USA or go all out and purchase a handwoven for a few hundred dollars. The sky is the limit!

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