Whisbear Review The Humming Bear

Whisbear Review

Whisbear the humming bear, is quickly becoming popular among parents. Why? Whisbear is designed to reproduce soothing noises baby hears while in the womb. The humming noise, much like that produced by a white noise machine, is produced by a cuddly bear with an on switch and a cry sensor. Take a look at our product sample in this sponsored post.

whisbear review the humming bear

As a Mom to 4 colicky babies, who needed lots of shushing, rocking, babywearing, nursing and holding, I have a vast appreciation for Whisbear. Why? Whisbear produces a soft white noise that is reminiscent to the sound a baby hears in the womb. Whisbear can be held close to baby, has a cry sensor and produces a quiet level of soothing sound that can stay next to baby.

In addition to the sound Whisbear produces, he comes with 4 high-contrast paws that are held together by magnets, two high contrast ears and soft fur for baby’s touch. This makes him visually stimulating and a great companion even when baby isn’t being soothed. I’ve found that not only does my baby enjoy him, but my older children too based on his adorable factor and fun magnetic paws.

You can see Whisbear next to my 1.5 year old son below.

Whisbear Review. Features include:

  • Whisbear is suitable from birth onward
  • Made with hypoallergenic filling
  • Whisbear has a CRYsensor function that emits a gentle, soft hairdryer-like sound
  • Magnets hidden in the paws will help to attach Whisbear to almost anything
    • To meet recommendation to avoid placing anything in baby’s sleep area for one-year
    • Can attach to moses basket, car seat, stroller, rocker or a changing table, even a parent.
  • After initial 40 minutes of shushing, when the baby is fast asleep, the sound gently fades away and the device switches to a standby mode where it will reactivate with a babies cry.
  • The volume can be also manually adjusted to suit your baby’s needs.
  • Requires 3-AAA batteries
  • High contrast/visually interesting fabric lines paws and ears
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Entirely produced in Europe

whisbear review the humming bear

whisbear review the humming bear

whisbear review the humming bear

whisbear review the humming bear

whisbear review the humming bear

whisbear review the humming bear

(Pinterest image below)

whisbear review the humming bear

Overall opinion:

Whisbear was founded by two mothers and sisters in 2014 and the company employees in total have 13 children! They collectively have a large appreciation for happy babies and I love a Mom run company!

While this is marketed towards little babies, it’s definitely great for older children too. My children are all enjoying Whisbear, ages 6,5,3 and 1! Anything noteworthy? I do feel it’s important to note that the white noise is very soft and most easily heard right next to the bear. It’s described as hair-dryer on the website like and I feel like this may come off as sounding loud, it is not loud and perfectly appropriate for little ears. Think more static on a television and less like a blaring hair dryer.

Who is this great for? I think this makes a very smart baby shower gift! What a cool, useful and unexpected present! In addition, this would be a great companion for an older child who needs a stuffie at night or to be soothed throughout the day. Who doesn’t like white noise?

Where can you find Whisbear? In the USA you can get this with a great price and fast shipping from Amazon and throughout the global company website.

*Images property of Mama Banana’s Adventures

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3 years ago

This is a really well-designed sleep aid for little ones. I love that the noise gradually fades away after the child falls asleep!

Sandra Caballero
Sandra Caballero
3 years ago

I need to get a whisbear for my next coming soon baby.

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