When Beco Met Tekhni, Meet Bekhni

It was a cool summer’s day. Their fibers met from across the room. It was love at first sight. The crisp sound of scissors cutting through woven Tekhni fabric could be heard for miles. Their fibers were stitched together through time. It was a bond that would last through MommyCon events, social media admiration and babywearing fans. Oh the babywearing fans! From this affair was born Bekhni. A marriage of Tekhni’s textiles and Beco’s carrier design that would produce some of the most cherished soft structured carriers on the market. Meet, Bekhni.

This Bekhni, or Tekhni woven wrap fabric transformed into a Beco Gemini carrier, was able to hold my newborn from our first day home. Now, to be honest I don’t like taking my littles out in public this early. The risk of catching an illness and my inability to move well make me to want to stay in the safety of our home…however the need arose. I was home just two weeks from the hospital with our 4th son. A crashing sound startled me and hubby yelled that our laundry detergent has vibrated off of the washer and spilled everywhere. The laundry was already piled up from my hospital stay and renovations he was completing in the laundry room…I couldn’t go without detergent. I grabbed our diaper bag and we all piled into the van! Our squish slept the entire time and I felt safe knowing he was right on my chest. He’s warm and can hear my heartbeat. I can feel his sweet breaths and navigate the store all at the same time.

My eyes were swollen and bloodshot from sleep deprivation.

I drank my half a cup of for-real coffee looked at hubby and said “let’s do this.” After a short drive we arrived at the Target parking lot. It was a cool and rainy day, and I sat in the van coming up with a plan because I didn’t want our newborn to get cold. I anticipated his need to eat frequently and decided to nurse him in the parking lot first. After he was full it was time to prepare. I had already removed my coat and strapped the carrier around my waist. I placed him inside of it and snapped the buckle behind my back. I then put on my coat as hubby put our other babies into the stroller. I zipped it up as high as I could and we walked quickly to the entrance. The 6 of us entered the store on a mission. While I don’t own a babywearing jacket, I have a large regular coat that I can zip up most of the way in the front. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the list.

As I perused the Target aisles I received some glances and smiles, and had a wonderful first outing. I got all of the items on our list and even had extra time to go through the Holiday clearance section all while he napped. Apparently mint chocolate M&Ms weren’t a hot item this year. The Beco Gemini is easy to nurse in and just in case he got hungry I wore a nursing top with a lift up flap in the front perfect for in-carrier feedings. I wouldn’t have been able to go without hubby along, he got the older boys into and out of the van and put them in the stroller. The store was quiet and while I didn’t see any this trip, Target is one of the places I most frequently run into other babywearing Moms and I pulled out the camera and asked hubby to take our photo.



The Beco Gemini is well known for being an excellent newborn carrier. Unlike other carriers, the Geimini doesn’t require an infant insert for newborns. See the dark blue area folded back under his knee? As his leg grows this can be unfolded and clipped to the waist band to make the seat wider. The carrier fits well over my post-baby bump and is overall comfortable to wear. It has a head support, folded down here, that can be placed upright for bigger babies.While not as roomy as the Soleil (which requires an infant insert) this carrier was all the carrier I needed to take in our diaper bag for this trip…extra parts not required.
In addition to being great for my newborn, this carrier is made from Tekhni Woven wrap fabric! Yes, this beautiful pattern is made into woven wraps, converted into ring slings and now this SSC. So far the Gemini and the Beco toddler are available in very limited and highly sought after by babywearing parents. I saw the toddler at MommyCon DC last year and should have purchased it! Seriously. Imagine the aesthetic appeal from a woven wrap fabric, plus the cush fabrics with Repreve offer. Want one? I’ll be honest. They’re limited and finding out when they’re being released to small retailers is your best bet.

Want one? I’ll be honest. They’re limited and finding out when they’re being released to small retailers is your best bet you can Shop Tekhni Here. Make sure to check out my Beautiful Babywearing section to see other Tekhni Wraps and to learn more about this fantastic company.

************** Update ****************
In April 2016, Boba purchased Beco Babywearing Company and Discontinued their relationship with Tekhni Woven Sling Studio. If you own a Bekhni it will still receive support from the Boba company, but is no longer in production.


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