What’s a WAHM?

What’s a WAHM? Plus The Best WAHM Shops featured for WAHM week 2017!

What’s a WAHM? A WAHM is a work at home Mom. For someone like me, who blogs about cloth diapers, a WAHM is someone who designs, sews, sells and mails out cloth diapers! In addition to diapers, many WAHM shops also make handmade clothing and other reusable items like toilet un-paper! I wanted to feature amazing WAHM shops I know and have worked with in this event.

What’s so special about a WAHM? Unlike a big company that has a sewing factory, a public relations person, a shipping department and even someone to answer e-mails, a WAHM does this all on her own! While some may have a bit of help here and there, a few hours of virtual assistance or a partner who packs up and ships envelopes, WAHMs are small business machines. Take a look at these excellent shops below:

If I knew then what I know now…I would have started off cloth diapering with more WAHM diapers. In addition to diapers, many WAHM shops make clothing and other items. Work at home Moms are quite literally business machines. They design their product, make it, run social media, storefront, sell and ship items. Amazing, right? I

I’d like to point you in the direction of some wonderful WAHM shops. Here are some wonderful shops below and some items they lovingly and expertly hand-make:

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Pure Nappiness

Visit the Pure Nappiness shop. WAHM diapers fitted, covers, custom orders! Based our of Australia with worldwide shipping.

wahm diaper pure nappiness



     HumBird WAHm shop is run out of Germany by owner Dawn. From her home she ships worldwide at an amazing rate. I get items from her faster then things arrive from the USA! She makes the best overnight diaper on the market, hybrid fitted cloth diapers, wool diaper covers, mama wool, women’s leggings that put lularoe to shame, and all sorts of custom children’s clothing and goodies. Visit HumBird’s website to see what’s in stock and get the best overnight diapers available!


Sassy Cloth on Etsy

Sassy cloth is a WAHM diaper brand based in the USA. Pockets, customs and inserts! Visit the Sassy Cloth Shop here.

wahm diaper sassy cloth




    Honeybuns cloth diapers are handmade by shop owner Nicole in Texas. Everyone is involved! Her husband does the snapping, sister-in-law cuts the fabric and even her MIL helps with sewing! In the Honeybuns diaper shop, you’ll find a large selection of handmade diapers with amazing prints. She even makes wetbags, inserts, limited & rare editions and made-to-order customs.



PrairieLove Organic

PrairieLove Organic cloth diapers are handmade by Michele who is also a Yoga and Biology teacher! She runs her shop out of Minnesota and crafts AI2s with fantastic prints and organic hemp/bamboo inserts! See what’s in-stock in her Etsy shop and read my PrairieLove Organic Review to see her diapers in details.


Pink Lemonade Shop

     Pink Lemonade Shop, my favorite place for handmade reusable pads, is owned and sewn by Pink Lemonade Sue! She makes pads in all sizes, absorbencies and materials including cotton, synthetic, velour and even silk! Pad sizes range from post-partum to thong liners and teens. Visit the Pink Lemonade Shop to see what’s in-stock and read my Pink Lemonade Shop review to see pads compared to disposables.



PooDah Baby

     Poohdah Baby specializes in ankara diaper prints and many others! I love scrolling through social media and catching posts of new diapers! Shop owner Sauntiese created out of Texas and makes pockets, AI2s, covers, newborn diapers, menstrual cup bags and some really awesome embroidered designs. Check out her selection on Etsy!



Owl Be Green

     Owl Be Green diapers include handmade AI2s with a double layer of PUL and gussets. The inside offers a snap-in-insert style and the PUL is wipe-able so this is truly an AI2! The shell can be reused multiple times before washing and the hemp/organic cotton insert gets changed. She has a very creative selection! Visit the Owl Be Green Shop to see what she hast in stock!



Purple Unicorn Diapers

     I met Elizabeth from Purple Unicorn Diapers at a local La Leche League event several years ago and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her and her shop! Purple Unicorn Diapers featured hybrid cloth diapers and custom clothing items. Handmade in Pennsylvania, Purple Unicorn items are hot trade diapers and custom spots go in a flash! Join her BST and chatter group for orders!



Sew Bear Bottoms

     Sew Bear Bottoms shop is run by Pauline and run from Kentucky! Her AIOs have two layers of absorbent fabric: one layer hemp/bamboo/cotton fleece and one layer of Zorb 2 Diamonds.  The inside of the diaper is made with super soft suedecloth.  All Sew Bear Bottoms diapers feature her Sure Snap system. This includes color coded waist snaps that allow you to snap the right size the first try! Visit Pauline’s shop to see what she’s sewn up in-stock!

I hope you found some fantastic WAHM shops to admire and follow! There’s something oh so special about putting a one of a kind diaper on baby’s bum!

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