WAHM Spotlight Prairielove Organic Cloth Diapers and Goods

    WAHM Bam Thank You…. Work at Home Moms?? It’s the WAHM spotlight featuring Prairielove Organic!! Why WAHMs? Unlike a big company that hires a PR rep to run social media, a sales person, people to answer the phone, a department to pack and ship orders and a factory style setup for sewing…a WAHM does – it -all. They do everything from customer service to actually creating the beautifulness you see in their shops. Looking back at building my cloth diaper stash I cringe thinking I spent $$ on some diapers made overseas when I could have bought WAHM from my affiliate etsy.
     Why WAHM? You can get better quality, uniqueness and support a small family business for the same price as a big brand factory diaper. How small? The WAHM you buy from may very well be sewing your diaper when you chat! That level of interaction is simply unheard of these days. How do you know who to purchase from? I’ve created the WAHM spotlight series to show you in photo and review some high-quality work at home Mom shops. I know you’ll love Prairielove Organic and want to add these to your stash. Here, have a look: 

      I opened my mailbox and was thrilled to see a thick envelope carefully shoved into the box by our mail lady. I took it out of the box and knew it was fluff. Filled with excitement I immediately opened it!! One of the first things I noticed about our Prairielove Organic samples was attention to detail. When I opened the package, I found each all-in-two (AI2) diaper lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and tied with string. There was a wash cloth rolled and tied, along with the washable breast pads below tied with a bow and business card. I unwrapped the diapers and could see that they are immaculate. Look at the Purple Jellyfish Diaper. The snaps are two-tone and the colors match the pattern perfectly! In addition, the thread sparkles and the diapers have a wonderful cut and snap-in insert.

Prairielove Organic AI2 Features include:

  • OS All-in-2 Design (approx 10-35 lbs)
  • 2 Rows of 2 Rise Snaps
  • 10 Waist snaps
  • Crossover snaps (great for little waists and doing the poop roll)
  • Single snap-in Tri-Fold style serged soaker 
    •  2 soaker options; thick 9 to standard 7 -layers when folded
  • Soaker = 2 layers organic hemp topped with Bamboo velour 
  • Waterproof Eco-PUL outer layer
  • Polartec Microfleece shell lining 
  • Handmade in USA 
  • Multi-Use shell if not soiled
  • Single gusset
  • High quality elastic 
  • KAM snaps

     Notes about our experience. I’ve been using these with our newborn!! At 2 weeks old, 10-11 pounds you can see the diaper fits really well. We didn’t need the crossover snaps and there is definitely room left for a smaller waist. I love the tri-fold style soaker. Weather you call it a soaker fold or a tri-fold, it’s very absorbent. With the rise snaps in the smallest setting, the soaker peeks out about an inch.  I fold the extra fabric top down to give him increased absorbency right where he needs it in the front (he’s very well hydrated) and really like how moldable and soft it is. We make it 1.5-2 hours before a change which is amazing considering he is peeing out of everything else I have!! I’m using 2 of our newborn prefolds and they’re still too thin. The diaper contains his breastfed poos and a combo of leg and back elastic + a great insert means that leaks are at a minimum.
     In addition to being absorbent, the cush from the organic hemp/bamboo velour insert is appreciated in our household! I feel good placing something so soft on him, but a nice cushy insert does mean more bulk in the bum. The cush is more noticable in my NB then my older boys who typically wear a tri-folded prefold and booster. As an AI2, the insert snaps to the shell and snap is on the Left top of the rectangular panel. If you have a fold preference that isn’t the soaker (like diaper fold) I’m sure the snap could be placed in the center or excluded (one of the many benefits to WAHM diapers). However, the current design works really well and I wouldn’t change it for our needs.
     The elastic used in Prairielove Organic diapers is good quality. I first tightened the diaper too much leaving some red marks. There is noooo need to put the diaper on snugly, the elastic doesn’t stretch out after putting it on baby…it’s the good stuff! I would recommend these to friends and family (to me too!) and if you’re considering adding some to your stash I know you’ll love them. If you love AI2s and if you’re a prefold lover this hybrid combination is perfect for every bum!
     In addition to AI2 diapers, Prairielove Organic offers Hybrid fitteds, reusable wash cloths and additional soakers. A top seller are her reusable breast pads which are super soft and quite frankly make my boobs look great! The bra liners are organic bamboo jersey on one side and super soft organic bamboo velour on the other side. They’re great for leaks and for keeping natural nipple creams from getting on your bra or nursing tank. I can see why they’re so popular! The serged edges allow for the pads to mold into shape and they are free from chemicals and other scary things found in disposable pads.

     About the shop. Wife, Mom, Yoga teacher and Biology instructor Michele is the heart and stitch behind Prairielove Organic. Operating out of Minneapolis MN, she marries quality materials and her stitching expertise with really great fabrics (like the peacock diaper seen below) “I combine a love of creating with my mind and hands with a love and respect for this beautiful planet we call home.” It’s clear that each diaper is made with both love and thoughtfulness; A combination I wish every item in our home had!
     Make sure to visit the Prairielove Organic Shop on Etsy  head over to give a “Like” on Facebook for updates and stockings and follow on Instagram for photos and updates!! 

 As always thanks for stopping by! I appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Periscope (when being chosen for reviews many companies care about numbers) and love to network on Google and LinkedIn.Want to work together? Contact MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com.
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