Visit The Doctor for $1 From Home: How to Visit the Doctor When You're a Busy Mom

     As a busy Mom to four babies, I can’t find the time to get to the doctor. I jumped on the opportunity to get a great discount and a sponsored post from Mums The Word Network and Amwell. I was able to purchase a doctor visit for $1 over the computer. I used Amwell for an over the computer doctor’s visit. With doctors available 24/7 I knew I could video-call any time. To be honest I’ve been sick for awhile. I had a low grade fever off and on, some scary sinus stuff my saline nasal rinse wasn’t taking care of and an occasional sore throat. The thing that finally drove me to find a physician was when I saw some small sort of lump on my tonsil. I thought I had something stuck in the back of my throat, but it was in fact a small lump from inflammation. Here’s how I did it without having to leave my home in this sponsored post:

     Amwell, destined to be the Amazon of Doctor Visits, is fast and easy way to see a doctor. Best yet…I didn’t have to leave home! As a health care professional myself, I really appreciate the way medicine is transforming. Now, a visit that would take me 3 hours at my doctor’s office, can be done right from my home. No baby sitter, no need to take my whole family to the doctor’s office and for something as simple as my sinus infection, an online visit is perfect. Even the Wall Street Journal published an article announcing that a revolution in health care is here!
     After logging into the website and creating an account, I had to input some information. I was surprised that there wasn’t a paragraph section for comments, so I could include more medical history, but it did take some basics in check boxes. After I used my coupon code, I was taken to a page to download a HD Video tool. While it was downloading I got a message that the doctor was trying to call me. Before it could download I picked up my cell phone and spoke with the MD. The entire conversation was less then 5 minutes. I told him my symptoms, explained that I was breastfeeding and he prescribed the breastfeeding friendly antibiotic I’ve been avoiding. In addition, he said it would be at my pharmacy in an hour. Bing, bang boom…totally done and I didn’t even need to leave home! Want to see a doctor without leaving your home too? Here’s how Amwell works:

1. Create an account
2. Medical History
3. Medication Allergies
4. Blood Pressure, Temperature, Weight
5. Zip Code/Pharmacy
6. Payment $49.00 = Use code Healthy31 for a $1 Visit
7. Download HD Video Tool
8. Get Phone call from Dr. When Video Tool Fails to Upload in Time

     Overall impression? This was really fast. I think it’s a good option if you just need a prescription or something easy. The video software didn’t upload for me before the online doctor called my cell phone and I have a great connection. I wish there was a space for more information on the document, because if I didn’t verbally mention breastfeeding to the online physician he wouldn’t have known and could have prescribed me something unsafe for nursing baby. I think that going into this you need to have some medical knowledge, this certainly wouldn’t have been a good solution for one of my children who gets their ears and throat examined in-office to help determine level of wellness. Would I do it again? I would to have a visit for me, but not for my children. There are times when I basically know what I need from my doctor and just don’t have a few hours to drive there, wait, wait more and see the physician for 10minutes. For this, an online doctor is perfect.
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