Videri Chocolate Factory Review and Dairy Free Organic Hot Chocolate Mix

     I’m a huge fan of quality organic chocolate. Okay, truth be told…if I’m desperate I’ll woof down a hershey bar…but my preference is for quality. Good ingredients, no fillers and organic (no bug spray in my chocolate). After the birth of my 4th son, removing any dairy from my diet became very important. Easier said then done! I learned that many foods, including chocolate, have dairy as a hidden ingredient. Oh no! Right? One of the many reasons I was thrilled to come across Videri Chocolate Factory. Videri chocolate is great for breastfeeding, dairy-free, Moms like myself! I can enjoy chocolate, and my little one can have a calm and happy belly. Win win. In addition, Videri Chocolate Factory products are also made in Raleigh NC! Fair Trade, Organic, nut-free and bean-to-bar handmade, their products contain the highest quality ingredients and are delicious! They are passionate chocolateers, perfect for passionate chocolate consumers like myself! Check out our experience with their products and please pin this image below so others can find this company too. This is one brand you’ll want to bookmark: 

     I’m a huge chocolate lover! Oh, it’s so wonderful to eat. I find chocolate uplifting, lovely on my taste buds and the perfect compliment to well…everything! Living completely dairy free has been an experience. Most of the Easter Candy was off limits, candies at the supermarket and even the giant peanut butter egg the bunny left for me was a no-no. Why? Dairy, consumed by a nursing Mom, can give some babies gastrointestinal problems. My newest pumpkin is one of those babies! On top of being colicky, my newborn could out-fart any grown man…and dairy was suspect. Oh his poor little belly, I cut any traces out immediately and haven’t looked back. He’s happier and that makes me extremely happy.
     About my love for chocolate…luckily, there is this wonderful company; Videri Chocolate Factory. This company, located in Raleigh NC, not only makes their own gourmet chocolate, but they also source ingredients responsibly. If you follow my blog, you know I LOVE a USA made company. Plus, organic and fair trade? I’d be in trouble if this was next door. We had the lovely experience of testing out some of their products. We samples some solid chocolate bars in Sea Salt and Classic Dark Chocolate, hot chocolate mix and 4 of their individual confections (seen below). All delicious.
     I love bar chocolate. I like cracking into it, eating it piece by piece and even sharing with my family. The Videri bars are smooth and packaged in very attractive heavy matte paper with old-fashioned writing. The chocolate had undertones of berries and the most delightful scent. The salt in the Sea Salt was perfect. At first I searched for it…then discovered the right amount to compliment the smooth bar. My only wish…a gigantic bar! The chocolate was gone so quickly I didn’t realize I ate the whole bar!

     The hot chocolate (seen above) is more coarse then something you would find in a packet. I mixed it with organic soy milk, that I warmed until steaming in a tea kettle, creating a delicious dairy-free gourmet cup of hot cocoa. Overall impression. The products are fantastic. They would make a really nice gift as a stand-alone or in a gift bag. Pack a bunch in for a gift basket! In addition to being high quality products, they support a USA owned and based company. These products are responsibly sourced with great care and attention to quality. Possible downside, they’re not huge. Like any high-quality product it’s not in a Costco size portion.The size is on par with gourmet organic chocolate bars my specialty grocer carries (Wegmans) and I would hope to find these there someday! How to make this hot chocolate? The
instructions said 2 tbsp, but I personally liked more.
  • Warm 8-12 oz of Almond, Soy or other Milk until steaming
  • Add 2-4 tbsp of Videri Hot Chocolate Mix to a Mug
  • Pour over steaming Milk
  • Stir Until Mixed
  • Enjoy
     Where to purchase? Visit their shop online or go to the store in-person if you’re lucky enough to visit. Make sure to “Like” them on facebook to support the company and watch for updates and product info. As always, thanks for stopping by! 
     I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. I’m also now on Periscope as @MamaBananasAdv. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail
Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive product samples to facilitate my reviews. The un-watermarked photos (truffles and store photo) are from Videri Chocolate Factory’s facebook page and I have not taken those. The others are by me.
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