UpCycled Winter to Spring Wreath

     I was looking for a great Spring Wreath. I shopped in-store, online and just about everywhere I could think of. Most of the wreaths were overpriced and small. I found some for over $40 that were the size of a large dinner plate! In addition, they didn’t look well made and were scant. I knew I could do better. When Easter was over, I was left with a bunch of plastic eggs. I thought about saving them until next year but decided to turn them into something else. With an old Christmas wreath I had in the garage, I created a Spring Wreath that still sits on my door! It’s easy to see from the road, the dark green background makes the eggs pop and it was FREE! Woohoo, right?! Here’s how it was made:


  • Faux Holiday Wreath
  • Easter Eggs with Holes in tops.
  • Ribbon
  • Wire or Bread Ties for the Eggs 

To Make: 

  • First, fluff up the Holiday Wreath. Mine was sitting in the garage for awhile and needed some fluffing. 
  • Next, thread bread ties through each Egg and make a knot so it can’t slip back out. 
  • Take each egg and wrap other end of bread tie to wreath branches. 
  • Tie accent ribbon throughout wreath, spacing to your liking. 
  • Hang on your door!
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Sandra Caballero
Sandra Caballero
3 years ago

Great idea!

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