Ubbi Potty Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

     Potty training. The journey has been very different with each of my boys. With 1 baby completely potty trained, 1 nearly potty trained and one beginning the journey I feel like I’ve seen it all. We’ve tried solid seats that go on the toilet, character potties that sit alone on the bathroom floor, a singing potty, a potty seat/ladder combination that leads up to the toilet, a travel potty seat and several of those cute foam character seats that sit on top of a regular toilet. I was really excited when I discovered the Ubbi 3-in-1 Potty! It has everything we’re looking for! Have a look below;

     The Ubbi Potty comes in an adorable box and several colors. I chose orange because I feel as though it was a good color for my boys, without being blue. It also comes in gray, sweet pink and navy. The color runs around the rim of the seat, and is swirled on the foot stool portion of the potty. This helps keep little feet from slipping when used as a stool, and also helps prevent the potty from sliding when it’s used as the potty’s base. Every detail was thought of when this was developed. 
     The potty can be used as a stand-alone potty, a travel potty and as a seat/stool combination for use with a toilet. To get my boys used to the potty, I first used it in our living room as the stand-alone potty. While my 4 year old used the toilet without a seat or stool, my 3 y/o and 21 m/o sons use the potty. They had way more fun with this then I anticipated…and couldn’t wait to use it! When it’s in the stand-alone potty setup, it has a really nice sized catch dish that is easily removed for cleaning. As a cloth-diapering family, the sprayer we have attached to our toilet made this dish really easy to clean. If the dish was accidentally missing (Grandma thought it was in the wrong place) the step stool used upside down acts as a catch-all for the potty seat.

     The potty seat itself has a great shape. We have tried many potty seats that have a removable or flimsy pee guard in the front. These allow pee to leak between the foam seat and plastic mold it sits on…creating a horrible and very difficult to remove odor. That is completely not a problem with this potty! The pee guard is built into the shape of the seat, and the seat is a single molded piece. There are no gaps for urine to seep into, and it has yet to develop an odor.
    How does it sit on a regular toilet seat? The bottom of the seat has two adjustable pegs (seen below) that allow it to fit perfectly on our toilet seat. These prevent it from sliding around when my boys sit down and help secure it in the big hole on a regular toilet seat. It’s secure in both the toilet option and the stand alone setting. When sitting on top of the upside-down stool, the potty seat has a clip in the back that help hold it to the stool/basin to help keep this whole (pictured below). We are planning a big trip for next year and this will come with us in our mini-van as a travel potty! This is seriously the coolest potty.

     Cleaning was a bit tricky at first. Because the raised orange swirls create little ledges on the stool, they can be hard to clean around. I’ve found that it’s easiest to spray the stool with the shower or diaper sprayer, and saves on the time I’ve spent ineffectively trying to wipe between the swirls. The seat itself is much easier to clean, and when I wipe down the toilet I wipe down the seat too. It rarely needs to be cleaned underneath and a quick wipe keeps the pee guard dry. In addition to being easy to clean, the seat came with a potty hook that hangs on the side of the toilet tank, keeping in in close reach for little hands.

Setup Options:

  • Stand-alone potty (seat on top of the base with collection cup)
  • Toilet Assistant (seat on top of the regular toilet, base as stool, collection cup for bath time)
  • Travel Potty (Stand alone potty on the go with travel accommodations)  

     Where can you find this potty? While I don’t see it on Amazon (yet) you can find this potty from the company’s website for $39.99 and is available in 4 colors! Check out this video from the company and happy shopping!

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