Top 3 Reusable Menstrual Pad Accessories

If you’re switching to reusable menstrual pads for menstrual cycle or urinary continence, your routine will be changing. Unlike disposable products, reusable pads need to be cared for so they can be used again. There are several reusable menstrual pad accessories that are an absolute need for storing, transporting and washing reusable menstrual pads.

Unlike disposables, you have to story used pads until they can be washed, not lose them in the washer and carry them when you’re on the go. If you’re just starting, then welcome to an amazing journey! Cloth pads are fun to shop for, comfortable to wear, make a not so cheerful product very cheerful and good for the environment. Here are 3 Must Have Accessories for Reusable Menstrual Pads and where to find them. (Please pin the image below)

Top 3 Reusable Menstrual Pad Accessories:

1. Mesh Laundry Bag: After sifting through wet laundry one too many times to find my pads, I went on a mission to find a mesh laundry bag. This ensures that I don’t lose the pads in the washer (or dryer) and they’re very easy to find. I can pull them out of the wash and line-dry or dryer-dry. Pads are upwards of $10 each, make sure the washer goblin sticks to stealing socks and leaves the pads alone.

2. Small Wet Bags: A pad-sized wet bag is a great way to store pads! Weather it’s on the back of the toilet, in your purse or tote or in the cabinet. A wet bag is a great way to keep clean pads clean, organized and right in reach. Having a second bag for used pads is a great way to keep them in your purse or diaper bag until they can be washed.

3. Stain Stick: Any clothing item has the potential to get stained. Something specifically used for personal hygeine, like a reusable pad, can expected to get stained eventually. While my pads have stayed in good condition, having around a Buncha Farmer’s stain stick or a treatment like oxiclean can help keep them stain-free.

Shopping for reusable pads? Some of my favorites are Minky and Jersey pads from my affiliate Pink Lemonade Shop and many of these items can be found for free shipping and amazing prices at my all-time favorite place to send stuff to my house… Amazon! Some affiliate banners below to help you find these fantastic reusable menstrual pad accessories at great prices and shipping.

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