Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Crunchy Moms

It’s that time of year! The Winter Holidays are over and we’re thinking about Love and the best VAlentine’s Day gifts for crunchy Moms. What’s a crunchy Mom? Crunchy Moms parent in an environmentally friendly way. While some Moms may be dreaming of a hot night out or roses, crunchy Moms often have a different perspective. We love things that are good for our bodies, soul and would make Mother Earth smile. There are many other gifts I would adore that fit my ‘crunchy’ lifestyle! Here are my Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Crunchy Moms like myself. This post contains affiliate links.

top 10 Valentine's day gifts for crunchy Moms


1. Living Plant 

While Roses are lovely, they’re expensive and they die quickly. How about something alive we can watch and enjo as a family. I would love an addition to our fruit trees! We planted two apple trees two years ago. It’s going to be awhile before they produce fruit, but I love imaging the harvest from our own fruit sources. Blueberry or Raspberry bushes, sustainable seeds like red milkweed to help the butterflies and other heirloom plants are all wonderful gifts.

2. Cloth Diapers

I love cloth diapers! While they technically are for baby, getting the print I’ve been eyeing or a special custom from one of my favorite WAHM shops would be amazing! Scoring the new print or even a gift card to Nicki’s Diapers or Diaper Junction would really warm my crunchy heart. Diaper below is Thirsties Straight to the Heart limited edition.


3. Reusable Menstrual Products

Recently I’ve discovered Mama Pads! Know what’s just as much fun as shopping for Cloth Diapers? Shopping for Mom products! While these may sound like an inexpensive gift, just one pad goes for $10-$12. Beautiful pads from the Pink Lemonade Shop or a GC would be a great, long lasting and memorable gift this VDay. 


4. Aromatherapy

Living in Pennsylvania, I spend a LOT of time indoors during the winter months. While I have dabbled in essential oils, what would really be an amazing gift is a nice aromatherapy diffuser and set of oils. Smelling soothing and germ-fighting lavender, eucalyptus oil or something sensual would make the indoors that much more wonderful.


5. “Me” Time
I love my babies. However, being a Mom means that am usually babywearing, entertaining the brood while I’m trying to shower, asnwering questions about the universe while I’m trying to pee, or simply doing something for someone else…most of the time. Strap on the Dad cape and watch the babies for a few hours so I can be alone me for awhile and nap, do some needed grooming or simply spend some time on my hobbies. What a great VDay!

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Top 10 Valentine's Day gifts for crunchy Moms. What's a crunchy Mom? Crunchy Moms parent with the environment in mind. We like reusable products like cloth diapers, body products that are chemical free and often research and parent with Mother Earth in mind.
6. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Organic Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts… There are so many options out there for natural, responsibly farmed and delicious chocolate! A nice assortment of organic chocolate and/or fancy chocolate would be a great crunchy gift and come in white, milk and dark chocolate with all sorts of flavors.

7. Baby Carrier
Opening up the Lillebaby or Woven wrap your crunchy Mom has been eying would make this an amazing Valentine’s Day! While our spouses may not be keeping up with the latest releases, a gentle nudge in the right direction could ensure baby is worn in a beautiful carrier this VDay!

8. Natural Pampering Products

Nothing says I love you like a massage with organic and natural products! Lotions, washes, face products and even hair care come in organic, beautifully scented and/or unscented versions. These products are top of the line and made from the best ingredients that will have Mom and her brood happy. Some of my favorites are from Alba Botanica and the line includes products from head to toe!

9. Dinner
I cook multiple times a day. As a crunchy Mom, I make most of our meals from scratch to ensure we get the best and organic ingredients. It would be nice to be the recipient of some home cooking and even waited on a bit. Homemade brownies you say? Cooking can even involve our littles and how proud they would be to make Mama VDay dinner!

10. Jewelry

 Mama Jewelry can come in many shapes and sizes. From breast milk jewelry made with Mama’s precious breast milk, to preserve a drop from the breastfeeding journey. A necklace or ring made hand-stamped with all of the children’s names, or a birthstone necklace, ring or bracelet all make memorable and personalized gifts. That heart shaped thing from the big brand jewelry store is for armatures! Personalized jewelry is for crunchy Moms. Plan in advance to order crunchy Mom jewelry for VDay gifts.

What are you hoping for, or shopping for this Valentine’s Day?



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