Top 10 Prairie Dresses on Amazon

If you have been following the Target Dress Challenge like I have, than you know that Prairie dresses are in right now! I had a hard time finding any in stock at Target in my size, but spend a few days researching prairie dresses on Amazon and thought I’d put my research to use. Here are my top 10 favorite Prairie Dresses on Amazon. Happy shopping!


prairie dresses amazon

If you are keeping Amazon in business like I am, than you know they have everything…and it shows up to your door often in 2-days or less with Amazon Prime! I am really excited for the selection of Prairie Dresses on Amazon and have collected some of the great ones that I found. The Prairie style started off as a joke, people were poking fun at the dresses released by Target. Then, the target dress challenge took off and now…Prairie style dresses are IN! Thankfully, Amazon has a great selection and you can purchase one and even return it for free if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

The Target Dress Challenge sparked huge demand for prairie style dresses! Whiley you can shop on Target’s website and search for Target prairie dresses, I found a lot on Amazon with great ratings and reviews!


Here are my top 10 Amazon prairie-style dresses.

  1. 1.Scarlet Darkness Pioneer Woman Prairie Style Dress.

Available in 4 colors!

amazon prairie dress scarlet darkness

2. Grace Karin Floral A-Line Dress

Choose from two colors

amazon prairie dress floral

3. Roleco’s Pioneer Style Dress

13 colors to choose from!

amazon prairie dress scarlet darkness

4. Anna-Kaci Pesant Dress

12 colors to choose from!

amazon prairie dress

5. Allgra K. Floral Midi Dress

3 floral colors available

6. Kancy Kole Ruffle Smocked Midi Dress

Great ratings and 8 colors to choose from!

7. NSPTT Pioneer Dress

5 colors and awesome ratings!

8. Belle Poque Pleated Maxi Dress

5 colors and 4.5 stars out of 5!


9. XINUO Floral Maxi Dress

6 colos in this print/pattern!

amazon prairie dress floral

10. Anna Kaci Boho-Pesant Dress

Great ratings and 8 colors to choose from!

amazon prairie dress

There are lots of great priaire dresses on Amazon! You can find long sleeve, short sleeve, maxi, midi and beyond. Lots of luck shopping and thank you for stopping by!




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