Top 10 Cloth Diapers Under $20

Finding the best cloth diapers can be hard. There are many brands and price ranges. You can spend anywhere from 5-50 dollars on cloth diaper. How do you know which cloth diapers are the best? My family has tried over 35 brands and different styles. I wanted to share the top 10 cloth diapers under $20 with you. For under $20 these diapers are complete and ready to go. The best cloth diapers for the price. Happy shopping! Post contains affiliate links.

top 10 cloth diapers under 20 the best cloth diapers for the dollar

1. Bum Genuis 5.0 $19.95 – One size pocket diaper with a microfiber insert from Cottonbabies. Well known as a staple in cloth diaper collections, the BG 5.0 is a tried and true system. Made in the USA this pocket comes with two inserts, a large and newborn microfiber insert that can be used as a booster on babies of all sizes. Both trim and absorbent, if you buy in bulk this diaper is even more economically priced!

2. Diaper Rite 3.1 All in One $15.95 – Diaper Rite 3.1 diapers are Diaper Junction’s product line. This super absorbent all in one diaper features two snap in inserts that can be used together or one at a time and taken out for easy washing and drying. With a total of 10 layers of bamboo terry, this functions well as a day or night diaper! Lots of absorbency with a great fit.

3. Thirsties one size AIO $18.95 – This Thirsties diaper has 4 layers of microfiber terry soaker with lots of absorbency. The soaker is topped with a stay-dry microfleece which helps keep your baby feeling dry. An additional layer of terry lies between the microfleece and PUL body of the diaper providing a last line of defense. The soaker is sewn in on one side (at the top of the diaper), which makes adding extra absorbent layers a cinch and tremendously decreases drying time. Made in the USA.

4, Thisties one size Pocket Diaper $19.95 – One of the first pockets in my stash! One of the only diapers in this collection with natural fibers the Thirsties pocket has two inserts that snap together. Three layers of microfiber and five layers of extra thirsty hemp make a super absorbent combination in this well fitting pocket. Absorbent and trim! Made in the USA.

5. Nicki’s Pocket Diaper $12.95 – Nicki’s diapers line of products, this pocket comes with a buy one give one program. Nicki’s diapers donates one diaper for every one purchased. With a generous pocket opening and great prints, this pocket’s insert is comparable to the BG 5.0 large microfiber insert and offers two snap settings for great fit or more absorbency up front.

6. Nicki’s AIO OS Bamboo diaper $16.95 – Made exclusively for Nicki’s this AIO has a thirsty 4-layer 70% bamboo, 30% cotton blend insert snaps out for easy cleaning and quicker drying. Available in hook and loop or snap, this one size diaper fits 8-35 lbs and is available in a large range of colors and prints.

7. Buttons Diapers AI2 System – Buttons diapers were one of the first one-size diapers to fit my newborns. With a waterproof shell and snap in inserts, this system is easy to use. Inserts are available in both synthetic and natural fibers, different sizes and even have boosters. Made in a wide range of prints and solids, these are very popular diapers with a great price tag.

8. Elemental Joy by Cottonbabies under $10 – This pocket diaper will put “China chapies” out of business! Running under $10 for both the pocket diaper and the insert, this system comes with a made in the USA pocket diaper + flat diaper (reminds me of a flour sack towel).

9. Lalaby baby OS cloth diaper $19.95 – This diaper functions as a pocket or an AI2 cloth diaper. It also includes a full size bamboo terry insert and a booster plus has 4 rows of rise snaps. Known for releases and colored snaps, these diapers are a favorite for many cloth diapering families.

10. Bum Genius Freetime All in one $19.95 – The Bum Genius flip is an all in one cloth diaper made with microfiber inserts. There are two sewn in inserts, one from the front and one from the back, for maximum absorbency. Inserts are topped with a stay dry layer to help baby feel comfortable. In addition, this diaper is a one step process that doesn’t require stuffing or searching for lost inserts. Made in the USA.

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The top 10 cloth diapers under 20. The best cloth diapers for your dollar with absorbency, price and fit. These diapers are sure to please and make great additions to your stash. Weather your cloth diapering a newborn or an older baby these diapers are for everyone!

     While I considered adding just covers to this list, I wanted to include 10 best cloth diapers that are complete under $20 without needing to buy additional inserts or parts that would make it go over $20. As you can see, many of these cloth diapers are made in the USA! Looking for great prices and lots of absorbency? Prefolds and covers are a very economical, absorbent way to cloth diaper and great newborn cloth diapers too!

Where are the “China cheapies?” Yes, there are many brands you can get for under $10 made in China. Alvababy diapers are a popular low cost brand however it’s not one that I recommend often and they’re not the best cloth diapers. While the cost is low, performance is not reliable and the inserts fall short with absorbency. In addition, they do not hold the same ethical work standards and scrutiny with CPSIA compliance that the brands listed above do. I hope you found something to love in this list! What’s your favorite cloth diaper?

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