Thirsties Fitted Natural Fiber Cloth Diaper Review

My first Thirsties cloth diaper was a pocket. Since then we’ve tried many styles, loved their newborn cloth diapers and most recently the new Thirsties natural fiber fitted cloth diaper. Thirsties natural one size fitted diaper hit the market and has created a lot of excitement among cloth diapering families. Why? Fitted cloth diapers are notorious for being very absorbent and providing 360 degrees of absorbency. Unlike a pocket diaper, that only has absorbency where the inserts are, a fitted diaper is even absorbent on the side panels. Made from bamboo-cotton this diaper is soft and floppy brand new! Have a detailed look at our diaper and shop some of my affiliates to try one of your own:

thirsties natural fiber fitted

I love fitted cloth diapers. While they require a cover to be waterproof (they do not have a PUL layer) I use them at home without a cover until they feel damp on the outside. I love that they’re breathable and can get washed and dried just like my prefold diapers. In addition, they aren’t made from chemicals like some other cloth diaper components and I don’t have to worry about caring for PUL. In addition, the Thirsties Natural One-Size Fitted Cloth Diaper is adjustable. This means that the snaps in the front go up and down to fit baby at different stages. Features of this diaper include:

  • Diaper Shell 3 layers bamboo-cotton
  • Snap-In removable soaker 8 layers bamboo-cotton
    • Two snaps hold it in place at the front of the diaper
  • Floppy and Soft even brand new
  • Two rows of 3 rise snaps
  • Needs to be prepped for maximum absorbency
    • All natural fiber diapers need several wash cycles to reach max absorbency .
  • Available in 3 snap colors
    • Ocean blue (seen here), Fin (grey) and Moss (green)
  • Molds to baby’s shape well
  • Requires a cover to be waterproof
  • Great daytime fitted or night fitted for lighter soakers
  • Dye-free, color in the diapers is thread and snap only
  • Available in newborn and the OS diaper seen here
  • Reasonably priced at approx $17-$25







(Smallest above, biggest below)


(Pinterest Image Below)





     Overall impression. I like this diaper and am thrilled that thirsties dove into natural fiber fitteds. I was impressed with how soft and floppy it was brand new! It even got softer after washing. While this does provide 360 degrees of absorbency, this is not as absorbent as our WAHM (work at home Mom) hybrid diapers with windpro in the shell. I do love it for daytime use but since my baby nurses throughout the night I am sticking to our night-time fitted and wool diaper cover and using this during the day. I get around the same amount of time from this diaper as I do from our others and change it in under 2 hours. I do love the rise on the rear of this diaper, as you can see above it comes up nice and high and almost folds in to help contain blowouts. My baby in the photo is 9 months old and 26 pounds. As you can see he has lots of room to grow! When using a cover, I don’t like two layers of snaps. Since this diaper has snaps on it I prefer to use a cover with aplix like the ultra slim thirsties duo cover. Want to try one for yourself? Shop my affiliates in the USA and Canada to get your hands on this hot diaper too:

Nicki’s Diapers

Diaper Junction

Lagoon Baby (Ca)

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Alicia C
Alicia C
4 years ago

I’ve been itching to get more fitted diapers for overnight use. Since my babe is not a heavy wetter, this may work for me. Thanks for the review!

4 years ago

This looks like a great diaper! I would love to add one to my diaper stash one day!

4 years ago

I keep reading about the fitted cloth diaper! these look great

Renea turner clark
Renea turner clark
4 years ago

I would love to try these. Right now my lo is 10 days old and I love the nb bamboo valor fitteds for night time. I need one size for when he gets bigger!

amanda Hartung
amanda Hartung
4 years ago

We haven’t tried the fitted but love the aio.

Gaile Jenkins
Gaile Jenkins
4 years ago

I have taken a few thirties to Ethiopia for the orphans in orphanages and they seemed to work very well. I will continue to collect them (and any diapers I can get) to take over.

Shimmer K
Shimmer K
4 years ago

Wow..meant to try this diaper.. Thirsties is a brand I have full faith on…


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Katie Arends
4 years ago

This diaper looks really nice! We don’t have any fitted diapers yet, but I would like to try one and have heard great things about the Thirsties brand.


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