The Most Important Item you May Own! Be Prepared for #LaborDay and Beyond!

 How Safe is Your Food?
Disclaimer: I was provided with a personal and a soft cooler from the company to review for this blog post. The content here is my opinion and should be treated as such.

Cookouts, family gatherings, picnics, road trips, visits to the park, and even the groery store; food safety is a top priority during our warmest months. This means keeping foods at a Safe temperature that prevents spoiling and the growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. In the battle to keep your family safe from food born illnesses, one of the most important items your family will need is a cooler.
Our family is expecting baby #3! As I sat in the OB’s office paging through a stack of informational pamphlets… I kept going back to “Food Safety.” How do I get a $14 organic chicken from the supermarket, into the car, pack my kids and groceries in safely, drive home, and get it into the refrigerator without spoil? The clock starts ticking (figuratively) when I take it out of the refrigerated case and put int into our cart. Luckily I have found a solution! When it comes to keeping food safe….our Igloo Cooler has us covered. Igloo Coolers is a brand I trust!! I trust our cooler so much that I even make a coffee stop (decaf that is!) before hopping on the highway for the post-grocery shopping ride home. (Yes I feel very smart for figuring this out).
Using our Igloo Cooler at the supermarket is one of the smartest ways I keep my family’s food safe, and my mind at ease. I used to leave our cooler in the car and pack the cold groceries into it after shopping in the hot parking lot. Now I take it right into the store and it gets packed in the air conditioned checkout! Along with my “green” shopping bags (which I am very proud of remembering to take to the store) I ask the clerk to pack my cooler with meat and anything frozen. This has saved ice pops, expensive meat, ice cream, and anything else that may be damaged by the heat outside.
   When I arrive home, I carry the cooler inside and unpack it directly into my freezer! It couldn’t be easier. After a quick wipe down, I repack my reusable shopping bags into the cooler and it’s ready for our next trip!! I feel so smart!! Igloo has such an amazing line of products, carried at many local retailers, that taking great snacks to the playground is fun and easy too!
 With a 2.5 and 1 year old who Love playing outdoors, I used to worry about how I was going to take our snack arsenal to the playground on a hot summer day….. and prevent milk and food from spoiling. Bottom line – I have to keep things cool  to keep food safe; doesn’t hurt that the packaging is pretty too! Our cooler solves this problem as well! Sometimes I take our hard cooler, and sometimes I take our amazing soft Igloo cooler bag!
One of my favorite Igloo products is the Thermal Tote soft cooler! It even comes in 4 fantastic prints.  This has replaced my diaper bag (which was very ugly anyway – pictured in the back of our vehicle up top) and the Igloo soft cooler fits perfectly into the basket on the stroller!! I pack cool snacks with a reusable ice bag on one side, and pack the opposite side with diapers, wipes, clothes and a reusable bag for shopping! The handles are a great length, and it fits over my shoulder and can be carried like a purse too! I know my kids are very happy to get their favorite chocolate milk, cheese stick, or other snack while taking fun trips! 
     The Thermal Tote soft cooler comes in 4 patterns and  is very stylish! Along with these 2 great items, Igloo has an amazing range of products. For everything from a professional Marine quality cooler to fun lunch boxes for every day use, they really have everything cool covered. Igloo even has the beverage coolers featured on soccer field sidelines everywhere and in sports movies (often featured as they’re poured over the coach’s head after a big win!) You can even get a cooler with MP3 speakers!! Even better, Igloo Coolers has regular giveaways on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and has an amazing list of products you can purchase directly and see the amazing line of products from their website

Playground snacks + Ice pack (L)

Diapers, wipes, shopping bag, and a change of clothes (R).

I love trying out products that make my family’s life safer and easier, having Snack Envy from other kids makes me feel like a proud Mama for being able to take the items my kids enjoy with us everywhere! Please comment below and tell me the Snack item you wish you could carry with your family on fun trips, or the most creative way you’ve taken them with you! Take care and have a safe and fun Holiday weekend!

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