The Breast Milk Baby Breastfeeding Baby Doll

The Breast Milk Baby Doll

Today’s market is flooded with children’s toys! With so many options, how do parents know what to choose? I have spent hours in toy store aisles, researching online, and reading reviews in search of this answer. I shop with a few guidelines in mind; I want toys that are educational, fun to play with, good quality, and socially responsible.Which is why I was thrilled to find The Breast Milk Baby!

As a breastfeeding Mom and Occupational Therapist (OT), when I first heard about The Breast Milk Baby by Berjuan I was excited. The value of a breastfeeding doll that actually mimics breastfeeding is immeasurable not only as a toy, but also as a learning tool. In addition, (affiliate) this doll comes in multiple ethnicities and genders. He or She can provide children hours of fun, but can also double as an educational tool to nursing Moms, their support circle, and Moms who plan on nursing. What an amazing way to help #normalizebreastfeeding too, right? Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan.

breast milk baby doll breastfeeding doll
breast milk baby doll breastfeeding doll

While pregnant with my first son, I often imagined what breastfeeding him would be like; What it would look like, how I would hold him, and if I would be good at it. The Breast Milk Baby could have helped me achieve confidence in these areas. He/She can be used to help teach nursing positions and could have given me, and other Moms, an idea of what nursing a baby would be like.
Now, you don’t actually breastfeed the Breast Milk Baby doll. It’s purely for demonstration, but for children it’s pretty fantastic. While many children of breastfeeding parents already nurse their baby dolls, just like they see Mom doing, this takes it up a notch. The doll comes with a halter with two flower petals that activate the Breastmilk baby. When he/she starts to cry placing the doll’s mouth by the flower petals triggers a nursing pattern including suckling noise and mouth movement! He/she can then be placed over your shoulder for burping! Amazing! Watch

     With a very long and well researched list of the benefits of breastfeeding  for both infants and Moms, I was shocked to see negative feedback in the United States about this wonderful doll. I believe that a lack of education and personal experience with the normal and nurturing act of breastfeeding has lead some to think this way. This type of negativity made me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded with fantastic breastfeeding Moms from organizations like the La Leche League, a breast feeding support and educational group that may have a local chapter near you!
breast milk baby doll breastfeeding doll

“The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age andcontinued breastfeeding for at least 2 years, along with the timely introduction of adequate amounts of complementary foods…”(1). With such strong support for breastfeeding, it’s no wonder The Breast Milk Baby received the Dr. Toy Best of Year Award! After reviewing this wonderful product, I’m convinced that once you see this doll, it’s impossible to do anything except embrace him. He would make a perfect gift for your child, tool for education, and wonderful addition to Hospitals and Birth centers. The Breast Milk Baby is very accessible for purchase, and is carried by retailers such as my affiliate

I thought I would introduce The Breast Milk Baby to friends and family so I could include their reactions in this post. He has been a big hit! One Mom said “My daughter has already been breastfeeding her dolls for years” (S.H., 2013).  Another Mom said “This doll is great, I would love to have one for my daughter. It would help get ready for the birth of her sister!” (C.K., 2013). My sons love our Breastmilk Baby, Jeremiah, and although they don’t breast feed him, they quickly incorporated him into their play. I was very proud when my toddler intuitively placed him over his shoulder for comfort when he began to cry. Great modeling behavior!

*** UPDATE***

After noting that the listing I linked to on amazon says “product unavailable” I checked the brand’s facebook page. I noticed that the website has expired and is no longer running. They also last posted to their FB timeline in 2013.

breast milk baby doll

Occupational Therapy, a profession which practices under a document known as the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process  , helps individuals in every aspect of their daily lives. All of the Areas of Occupations highlighted in the Framework can be seen in the Occupation of breastfeeding, both for the Mother and many for the nursing infant or child. Not only does breastfeeding impact daily activities for the Mother and nursing infant or child, but also for the circle of supporters that may include a spouse, Grandparents, friends, and other siblings. Learn more about Occupational Therapy from our professions’ organization, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). The AOTA provides a place for Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, consumers, and other persons to gather, and to learn. AOTA also hosts an Annual Conference that functions as the hub for new research and networking for practitioners.

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