The Best Coloring Books for Big Kids and Adults

     Coloring is the new Yoga. Remember coloring as a little kid? Getting lost in coloring, picking out the perfect color for each section, losing time and getting into the coloring zone? Coloring isn’t just for kids! Coloring is for big kids, teenagers and adults too! This trend has snowballed and companies are marketing Adult Coloring Books and some of the best coloring books that have ever been available for older kids, or kids at heart. The patterns are intricate and provide a great activity that many find stress relieving and relaxing. Where do you find quality adult coloring books? Here’s a list of the best I’ve come across, most under $10 and from a great range of patterns and images to color from my affiliate Usborne Books!

     Coloring is the new zen. It’s calming, relaxing and something nearly everyone can do. From all skill levels and abilities, there’s something out there. Better yet, some of the big kid coloring books have pictures so nice that you can frame them once you’re done! I hope you find something for your next project in this list.
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