The Best Books for Potty Training

    If you practice gentle potty training, then books are part of our routine! Weather you’re reading on the potty, reading to help introduce the potty or reading to reinforce potty practice…books are an important part of potty training. However, finding potty books can be hard. On our journey, we’ve tried many books. Some had great content and others fell short.
     Potty training starts long before baby actually sits on the potty. I have had 4 fussy  babies, and I often brought them into the bathroom so I could keep a watchful eye, from the queen’s throne that is. Baby would sit far enough from the potty for hygeine, but close enough to see and hear my voice. This early introduction to the toilet is the beginning of potty learning. Later, seeing other family members use the potty, hearing talk about it, seeing images on media and reading about the potty all familiarize children with the idea of toileting. Here are some great reads for on and off of the potty from affiliates I’m proud to be a member of!

     Everyone Poops is a hot book in our house! It shows illistrations of animals with their poop and normalizes pooping. The book points out how all animals eat, and therefore poop. It shows illustrations of different poops from various animals and is great for talking about  number two with children of all ages. My boys love this book and read if over and over!

     I got the Everyone Poops book for my 3-year old and purchased this book for my 5 year old. I later learned that they go really well together! This See Inside Your Body book has a really simple and understandable explanation of digestion. It shows how food enters the mouth, goes through the body and excess comes out as poop and pee! We read this book and the poop book together.

     Beginner potty books have less wording and are easier for younger readers to maser. One of our favorite books is simply called Potty. This book has one-sentence per page and all of my boys enjoy it. It has this really cute character illustrated throughout the book and a playful theme.

     We love Daniel Tiger! I was thrilled to pick up this Daniel Tiger Potty Training book with a noise button. There are cues throughout the book to “flush the potty” and this button makes a real flushing sound! This talks about using the potty at home and using the potty when you’re out in public. It shows that other places have bathrooms too and all you need to do is ask!  

     One potty training topic is underwear. While we use underwear sometimes, we also use trainers. This Potty SuperHero book addresses big kid underwear. It also addresses the trainers we use that I refer to as Super Underwear. It helps with acceptance of trainers and especially for night-time diaper use. We don’t wear a diaper to bed, we wear Super Under Pants!

     If you’re just starting your potty training journey, remember that learning to use the potty is a complicated system. It takes time, cognition, patience and the coordination of movement and the body’s ability to release at the right time. As always, Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. I’m also now on Periscope as @MamaBananasAdv. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail 

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