Tekhni Woven Wrap Review Ceres Raspberry

Tekhni Wovens Ceres wrap with Repreve was one of my first woven wraps. I’ve since used it with three different babies and tested many other wovens. Read my Tekhni review below and see photos of this woven.

The more I learn about woven wraps the more enchanted I become. There are so many beautiful wovens out there, who wouldn’t want them all? I wish my wrap budget was endless! However, like many Moms I carefully choose my wraps, read reviews, do web searches and love to share my experiences with you. I feel very fortunate to have this beautiful Tekhni Ceres Raspberry 6 Woven wrap in my stash and am very excited to share it’s wonderfulness with you! This company is not only run by a talented artist and wrap expert, but the repreve wraps are also eco-friendly and green! Post contains affiliate links.

So why a Tekhni? Tekhni Woven Sling Studio has an Etsy shop and boasts a USA location out of Grayslake Illinois. The shop opened in September of 2013 and is owned and operated by well known wrap guru Alisa DeMarco. Alisa is also the artist behind color dip studios and is well known for her color and design expertise. She is a Mom to 3 beautiful babies and took her artism (yes I made that word up) collegiate and studied at DePauw University. You can see some of her beautiful work and if you know the wrap industry even a bit, you can spot a Tekhni from a mile away. Featured here is my very own Ceres Raspberry in a 6 with repreve measuring in at 303 g/m2 after following Tekhni’s care instructions. It has a beautiful width at 29.5″, very manageable knot size and is lovely for both my toddler and infant.


With an approximate weight of 290 g/m2, a 55% natural cotton weft and 45% berry repreve weft, this wrap is amazing. I was so excited when the package arrived that I opened it right in the driveway! As you can see above, it came wrapped in this amazing blue fabric that also sports the Tekhni tag. I wasn’t sure how repreve fabric would feel, but after feeling this wrap I’m a huge fan! Knowing that this beauty was finished by hand in IL makes it feel a bit more special too.

The Tekhni Ceres line has been offered in several colors including alabaster, saron, raspberry, absinthe, eco, kalamata, napa, manta and oasis. You can shop available Tekhni wraps in the etsy shop.

What is repreve fabric? Repreve is the ultimate recycling of consumer wastes. Plastic bottles that plague our oceans and make up a large portion of recycleable waste, are processed and turned into yarn. Repreve yarn is used like any other yarn would be; it’s wound, dyed and used in fabric. Unlike polyester, which is made from oil, repreve is functional and green because it removes existing waste from our environment. So is repreve safe? Aside from the fact that we think plastic bottles are safe enough to drink out of….The company boasts both third party verification and protecting natural resources through the use of items we consider disposable. A very cool video from Repreve that does a fantastic job showing how the yarn is made is located at the bottom of this article.

Caring for a Tekhni is easy, and I find great joy in ironing and folding this beautiful pattern. As tempting as it may be to wrap with it right out of the box…washing a woven wrap before wrapping is the final step in the wrap process. This helps to tighten up the weave and prevent any shifting or pulls in the threads. Tekhni recommends an initial hot wash and low spin for cotton wraps, followed by a tumble dry on low and a warm steam iron. Easy right? I have an agitator-free HE machine which is great for washing woven wraps, but does a terrible job on our cloth diapers. My dream….two washers…oh how my goals have changed since having children!

In comparison to other wraps, this Tekhni Ceres feels amazing to the touch. It’s cushy and almost has a bounce to it. While being on the thick end, according to the woven wrap database, it is very supportive and easy to form around both my infant and toddler. It did stand up out of the box…however I enjoy this in a wrap and never felt as though it needed to be ‘broken’ in. It’s soft, supportive, cushy and beautiful.
I have enjoyed wrapping with this beauty from the first wrap. I am fond of cross carry wraps and I can even cross this behind my back, and bring it back around to the front in a FWCC with a very manageable knot size and it has never felt bulky or hot (but I do live in PA). One character I have noted, is a wavy hem throughout the wrap. It has no impact on the function, and I attribute it to the near stretchy feel of this beautiful pattern. If I get very daring and attempt to iron it out I will update you on my adventures!


     One of my favorite features of this wrap is the saturation and character of the berry repreve. I have tried to capture it’s personality for you, but at times it looks very cool and rich, and at other times it appears to be warmer. Either way, I love wearing it and my babies enjoy being carried in both front and back carries. It’s always great for a nap and has been traveling with us. I get a lot of compliments and my son’s orthopedist said ‘what a great way to carry a baby!’…his resident took down the information to get one of her own!


Prices for Tekhni Wovens vary, and this beautiful Ceres Raspberry ranged from $163 – $188 plus shipping and associated fees. For many Moms this is absolutely an investment, however if you saw that price range and felt as though something this beautiful was out of reach…you’ll be thrilled to know that Tekhni now offers beautiful wraps at $99 for every size! This line opens up babywearing to Moms from many budgets as purchasing similar style woven fabric from a store and sewing supplies could cost nearly the same price. So how do you get one? Make sure to follow Tekhni on facebook page for upcoming releases and company information.
As always, thank you for stopping by! I always appreciate a ‘follow’ or a like on my pages (companies often ask for that information when deciding if I should host a review or giveaway).

Shop the Tekhni Etsy shop. Happy babywearing!

Here is the Repreve Video I promised:




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