Teething Jewelry by Maya & Max

Teething Jewelry isn’t just for babies, Teething Jewelry is for Moms! With the right brand, teething jewelry can be both a beautiful accessory for Mom and a great way to help baby teethe. In addition, teething jewelry for babies can help keep baby’s hands busy while breastfeeding, from pulling your hair while babywearing and are a perfect way to accessorize in a baby safe way. I’m thrilled to show you my Bijou Teething jewelry samples from Maya & Max. Who’s Maya & Max? The company is a division of Moby! In addition to originating from a great company and offering high quality, a portion of the profits benefits two charities. Ready to see them?


     I’ve been babywearing for nearly 6 years now and have tried my share of teething jewelry. I’m really in love with this collection! At first glance, I was skeptical about the silver teething jewelry. Then, I remembered my baby’s strong drive to chew on the delicate necklace I wear from Stone and Strand. I have to get it from his little fingers pretty often when he’s in his baby carrier. He ever so gently tries to chew on it! I knew a silver teething necklace would be perfect for him and he’s adored it since it arrived. I’ve received a few questions about the thickness. It’s perfect! These are two substantial pieces of silver and have a very nice weight.
     The silver necklace seen below, or Unity, from the Bijoy teething jewelry by Maya & Max is a division of Moby. You know Moby, as in Moby Wrap! Yes… fantastic, right? So, this 99.9% sterling silver is hand made by Swoon Jewelry Studios. The necklaces are beautiful, free from harmful metals, anti-bacterial, naturally cool to the touch, non-allergenic, non-toxic and easily cared for and have a break away clasp. If baby pulls on it firmly, it simply unsnaps to save your neck from forceful tugging. Perfect, right? In addition to their beauty and function, when my baby plays with it the rings make a gentle chiming noise that he adores.
     In addition to the silver Unity, I’m wearing a silicone bead necklace known as Ashlyn in a grey/black. These silicone necklaces are made from silicone, anti-bacterial, and soft on gums and emerging teeth. Like all silicone teething jewelry, it can attract a bit of fuzz from my shirt. I simply wash it off, with or without soap if needed, and it cleans easily and is ready to be worn again right away. I wear both necklaces together and my teething baby alternates between gumming on the pair. He has four emerging teeth and more closely behind! While he favors the silver necklace, he adores the silicone and I can hear the beads making squeaking noises as he chews on them.











One of my favorite ways to wear this set is while babywearing. I put the necklaces on in combination with my Lillebaby carrier and I have one very happy baby! He’s close to me, has teething comfort just dangling from my neck and can teethe away while he helps me do daily tasks, go shopping at the store or playing outside with his 3 older siblings. I love wearing them, they contribute to feeling ‘pretty’ and my baby gets excited when he sees me wearing them! Overall I’m very pleased with the set and would certainly recommend them to any Mom with a teething baby.
One important thing to remember is that teething jewelry is meant to be worn by an adult. The long cord is not meant to be left with baby and can present as a hazard. While my baby reaches to have the necklaces when he’s not being worn, I resist the urge to leave him alone with these teething beauties and he only uses them when I’m holding him, he’s on my lap, nursing or worn in his carriers.







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     The necklaces seen here Unity, sterling silver, and Ashlyn, silicone, are just two necklaces from the Bijou teething necklaces in the Max & Maya collection. The silicone necklaces are very reasonably priced and the silver runs at a higher cost because the metal is precious. In addition to being beautiful, a portion of the profit from this line benefits two charities:  Maxlove, dedicated to “helping childhood cancer families fight the odds” and Love for Lilly, an organization that helps families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Please shop the Max & Maya collection on their website and make sure to give them a “Like” on Facebook!
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