Sweet Leaf Organic Stevia Review

Sweet Leaf Stevia Review

Artificial sweeteners. You know the kind; pink packet, yellow packet, blue packet…all full of chemicals that react poorly in our systems. So what’s someone who likes/needs a non-sugar sweetener to do? Stevia may be the answer.
We ditched non-sugar sweeteners years ago, after discovering that my husband’s high blood pressure went down when he didn’t use those chemically laced packets. Since that time we have been using organic unrefined sugar. I was excited to sample Sweet Leaf Organic Stevia, a plant based non-sugar sweetener that, according to the company, doesn’t elicit the same glycemic response those colorful little packets do. My sample kit contains Stevia packets, Sweet Leaf Sweet drops for water, and Flavored Liquid Stevia drops which can be used for coffee or baking.

sweet leaf stevia review


sweet leaf stevia review
sweet leaf stevia review

So what is Stevia?

“SweetLeaf Stevia is made by extracting the sweet glycosides from the stevia leaf. No solvents or enzymes touch the stevia at any time – SweetLeaf Stevia is natural, from plant to powder.” SweetLeaf Stevia has won awards for flavor and is significantly sweeter then sugar. I repeatedly overpowered my coffee with these products. It took some fineness to get the ratio right and adjust to the strong favor. I recommend using it sparingly! Like maybe 3-4 uses out of one packet for sweetening coffee.
While I’m not totally taken by the taste and plan on sticking to my natural sugar, I would recommend this to someone who can’t have sugar or already a non-sugar sweetener user. This would serve as a natural and healthier option. I had several friends and family members try this and I couldn’t find anyone who loves it. Out of all the products, the Sweet Drops are my favorite and I use this in my coffee instead of flavored creamer or sugar and cream.

sweet leaf stevia review


sweet leaf stevia review

(The above image is from the SweetLeaf Stevia Website)

Overall opinion about sweet leaf stevia

Do I recommend sweet leaf stevia? Eh. I don’t care for the taste. Stevia, in general, has an aftertaste and I just can’t love it. I bought differently flavored drops to use in my coffee and I just can’t love them. I’m currently trying chocolate and vanilla and the overpowering taste of the stevia means that the flavor gets lost. However, I’m not going to drink the artificial sweeteners we are all familiar with due to health risks so I’m trying very hard to love this! I would pick it over the pink, blue and yellow packets any day, however, I’m more of an organic sugar lover.




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