Surpahs Scale Review; Measures Body Weight, BMI, Body Water, Musle Mass, Bone Mass

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review and there are affiliate links in here for Amazon. I love Amazon.

     When determine how healthy we are, we often calculate weight. How much do you weigh? This number can generate a number of responses. Unfortunately weight alone doesn’t give a comprehensive picture. Factors like body mass index (fat percentage), water weight, muscle mass, and bone mass are crucial factors. At my healthiest, I weighted more then I do now, but wore a smaller size. Why? More muscle mass and less fat.
     I am excited to have the Surpah’s Sense-On Multifunction Digital Bathroom Scale in our house! It has functions for 8 users, comes in black and white, and is really attractive. AT .7 inches thick, it’s thin and has a big 3.5″ LCD screen to make readings fast and easy. I think it’s made of glass, it has a good weight to it and is fun to use. It easily weights my kids, and also my husband. I’m impressed that his size 15+ feet fit on this scale! The kids think it’s really exciting and so do I.
     *Update, we have had this product for 5 months now and suddenly the scale has started eating batteries. I have replaced the batteries 4 times and they die in a matter of hours. I contacted the company regarding this issue and haven’t received a response. For that reason I do not recommend it.

     The scale comes with a battery in place, all you need to do is pull the red tab pictured below to activate the connection. The scale has 4 rubber feet and sits well on a hard surface floor. I love monitoring not only the weights of the adults in the house, but keeping track of my kids and our even the furry members of our household.

         So after the kids hopped on and off of the Surpahs Scale about a dozen times, it was my turn. It asked me to choose a setting, I’m “P1” and I chose the dress (which I assume means female) and put in my height and age. There was no weight for my reading and hubby was equally as excited to try it out. It’s a great way to measure progress and know if our routine is working, or if something needs to be tweeked. It has the option for 8 persons or 8p and I plan on adding my parents so they can do a check when they stop by too. It appears as though you have to go through each person to reach your P setting, but it’s very fast.

     To get the most accurate reading on the scale, you’ll want to weigh yourself at or around the same time each day and wearing a similar outfit. Weight of clothing and shoes definitely impact your overall score. Bare feet activate the Surpahs Scale’s 4-G electrode sensors here. Keep in mind that typically, we weigh the most at night. After eating/drinking all day our weights are often greater in the evening. So you may weigh several pounds more at night then when you get up for the day. Also, laying down makes pumping blood easier on your heart, and also helps remove fluid buildup from the legs, so water weight may also be lower in the morning. Keeping a good record of factors like date, time and what you consumed that day may give really great insights as to how your body works!
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