Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Board Set Review; 3 Layer Cross-Laminated Bamboo Goodness

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate this review. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon where the products are sold. I love Amazon.

     Whole foods. If you’ve been increasing the whole foods in your diet like we have, then you’re doing more prep work at home too. Less processed foods often means more preparation, but higher quality ingredients, less preservatives and chemicals and a healthier lifestyle. I’m always chopping something for a meal. I was really excited to test out this Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Board Set with 3 Layer Cross-Laminated Bamboo. They are the perfect size for chopping fresh veggies and are made from sustainable bamboo materials.

         At .4″ thick, these sleek but durable cutting boards are really attractive in person. The instructions say that washing with hot soapy water is best practice, and to avoid the dish washer all together. It’s recommended to treat them periodically with mineral oil to preserve the finish (I picked this up at my local supermarket). They came wrapped in plastic, I removed it and gave them an initial wash. They smelled like fresh cut lumber, and that was the only time I noticed the scent. Since I can’t ‘sanitize’ them in the dish washer, these will be used for fruit and veggies only. Maybe a nut here and there.

     The set comes in 3 sizes, 8″x6″, 11″x9″ and 13″x9.5″. The Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Boards report having solid construction to avoid warping, cracking and splits. I have been chopping on them and haven’t noticed a knife mark yet. The company reports that seeing bamboo ‘hairs’ is normal and harmless. I did see the surface look a little fuzzy after a wash, but it went away. You can see the 3 layer construction in the photo above, and while bamboo is durable it’s still a natural wood and shouldn’t be left sitting wet. I wash, dry and place the boards in our dish rack to make sure they’re thoroughly dry. Each board has a hole that can be used to hang them, or as a thumb hole when caring for the boards. Overall they’re a great product and nice enough that I would serve party guests on them! What a nice surface to serve a wheel of brie right?!

     As always, Thanks for stopping by the Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Board Review! You can visit the Surpahs website or shop right on Amazon for a huge selection of products including this fantastic scale! Make sure to follow Surpahs on facebook for news and deals.
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