Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

     I remember breast pumping after the birth of my first baby. I sat in our baby’s rocking chair holding the breast shields in what I hoped was the right place leaning forward so anything that dripped out would fall into the bottles. It was the middle of the night and all I could think was that my breast pump sounded like a drunk robot. I couldn’t get any milk out at all and it literally brought me to tears. I was sleep deprived, operating off of terrible nursing advice and felt like a failure.
      The first time I pumped 4 oz I was so happy that I cried! It’s lead me to question; Where do expecting Moms learn to pump? To breastfeed? Even as a exclusively breastfeeding Mom I wasn’t shown at the hospital, the lactation consultant stood in my doorway for my ‘consult’ and I didn’t know any other local Moms who breastfed. Thank God for online support and youtube!! There are many factors that play a role into successful pumping. Two major ones are the quality of your pump and the fit of your breast shields. Why the Spectra S2? I’ll tell you!

     When I first started breastfeeding I personally knew only 1 other Mom who nursed and she was hours away. She recommended the Medela Advanced and I purchased it for $279! Ouch… I had a 20% off coupon for Babies-R-Us but the cost was still high considering it wasn’t a closed system and had limited features. Why is a closed system important? Closed pumps are seriously more hygenic then open systems. The internal components are sealed much like hospital equipment keeping out dirt, germs and milk particles that otherwise make their way into the pump.
     By the time my 3rd baby was born insurance companies started covering the cost of breast pumps and I was provided an Ameda Purely Yours closed system. I almost fell over when I saw the $259 price tag the medical company charged my insurance…and found the same pump on Amazon for $99 including shipping!! It came with just the pump, no accessories or bag and is hard to adjust without 2 hands to control the dials.Thrilled that it was closed, I have toted the pump to work, pumped in the car, at home and made it work for my needs.

     If I can get a free pump via my insurance… why purchase a pump like the Spectra? Quality, ease of use and overall design. This pump is extremely well thought out and performs well. In addition, the closed pump system provides quiet but yet strong gentle suction. I start to get milk right away and I fill my quota faster and with less nipple soreness. In fact, I’m pumping and typing this (with a hands-free pumping bra of course). In addition, I appreciate the features such as the under-handle light that has both a high and low setting. Features include:

  • Hospital Grade closed system
  • Double electric or Single setup
  • Includes accessories seen below; 2 – 24mm Breast shields, 2 tubes, 2 valves (white triangle shaped), 2 backflow protectors (disc shaped) and 2 bottles with lids.
  • Comes with a plug that must be assembled (see below)
  • Night light with bright and low settings
  • Separate adjustments for speed (cycle) and suction (vacuum)
  • Timer in minutes and seconds
  • Pump remembers settings and starts at what it was set at when turned on
  • Digital screen with speed, suction and timer readout
  • BPA/DEHP Free
  • Some models have rechargeable batteries (not the one shown here) 
  • Optional let down mode 
  • Maximum suction strength of 300mmhg

     Overall I am thrilled with the Spectra S2. I have pumped with the Medela Advanced pump in style, the Ameda and a First Years. I prefer the Spectra for several reasons. First, I love that it’s a closed system pump. I don’t need anything extra sneaking into my pump or milk. I make sure to sterilize and clean my shields and bottles as needed and don’t need the pump sneaking anything into baby’s food. Also, it’s pretty! Yes, this matters
     In addition to design, I prefer the settings on the Spectra. The Medela I have has a “let down” setting where it sucks (for lack of a better word) quickly in an attempt to get milk to start really flowing and the ability to control suction via a knob. I find this abnormal and not like actual nursing. My children don’t have a let down mode and I’ve found it difficult to respond naturally to this option.I like controlling the suction and speed via the up and down arrows and have it set to my body. I can get milk right away and typically pump 6-8oz in 9-10 minutes. Yeah, I know, that’s fantastic.
     Both the Ameda and the Spectra S2 have a suction control and a speed control. The Ameda offers two dials, and the Spectra has digital buttons with up and down settings that show as numbers on the screen. This is wildly more accurate and controllable. Instead of trying to remember where I had the knob turned, I have an actual digital number to go by. In addition, I can’t bump it and accidentally undo the settings. When I shut the pump off it’s at the same settings when I turn it on again so once I set it I rarely have to adjust the controls.
     About the company. Spectra Baby USA is owned and run by Registered Nurses, Lactation Consultants and Moms!! You can visit their website for full details, however products are not sold directly from there. Products are carried at a number of medical suppliers and pharmacies. Best of all…they are carried (at great prices) in the Spectra Amazon shop!

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