Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper

The smart bottoms dream diaper is truly a dream! We have several smart bottoms 3.1 all in one cloth diapers in our stash and I couldn’t wait to try the dream diaper. Why? While I love the smart bottoms 3.1 all in one diapers, they require several washes to prep before wearing and my baby needs an extra booster to increase absorbency. The smart bottoms dream diaper solves both of these issues! In addition to a long soaker, it has a pocket to add any amount of absorbency needed and requires no prep at all! Take a look at the dream diaper below and see why this new addition to the smart bottoms family is truly a dream!

smart bottoms dream diaper

smart bottoms dream diaper features include:

    • Made in the USA
    • Inner: 55% Hemp/ 45% Organic Cotton
    • Outer PUL (waterproof)
    • Made in the USA
    • No-Prep fabric:
      • Diaper can go on the bum after the recommended one wash!
      • Does not need several washes to reach Max absorbency
    • Removable, snap-in soaker
    • Generously sized pocket for additional absorbency
    • 4-rise snap setting to adjust length of diaper
    • Double row of 10 waist snaps
    • Fits approximately 10-35 lbs

(Pin image below)

smart bottoms dream diaper review. The smart bottoms dream all in one cloth diaper has all the bells and whistles plus the quality we love from smart bottoms! made in the USA cloth diaper is verstaile and comes in many solids and prints.

Overall Impression of Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper:

     I’m thrilled with the dream diaper! it solves the struggles I had with the 3.1 by adding a pocket for additional absorbency. By itself, it does not have enough absorbency for my heavy wetter but does well with a booster.

     First of all, I love that these diapers are made in the USA. Smart bottoms, I hate to say fixed…but I’ll say fixed, all of the things I thought could be improved on the smart bottoms 3.1 with this model. It’s easy to wash and wear, you can add extra absorbency as needed and the soaker snaps in and out for easy washing and drying. The snap-in insert even makes the dream diaper easy to remove stains when sunning cloth diapers! The fabric has a nice feel and the leg elastic is perfect.

     My son below at one year and 29lbs is also wearing a newborn prefold in the pocket as a booster. As you can see, the diaper is still trim fitting and has the smart bottoms design. Even at 29 lbs, he has an entire rise setting to go! Just like the 3.1, the groin area is nice and trim and doesn’t spread baby’s legs. See the smart bottoms diaper on a teeny baby in newborn cloth diaper reviews.

Where can you buy the smart bottoms dream diaper? My affiliates:

Nicki’s Diapers (free diaper shipping)

Kelly’s Closet! (Ships free)

Diaper Junction No longer carriers this diaper

Lagoon Baby (Canada)



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4 years ago

Wow, a diaper with hemp and cotton that doesn’t need prepping? What a great selling point!

4 years ago

I think I will stick with my 3.1s, which I love. I like the Imagine and Nicki’s Diapers AIOs, but I dislike the snap-in soakers. I personally prefered my soakers sewn on. But I otherwise love Smart Bottoms.

4 years ago

I love that you don’t need to prep. I was always so disappointed when I got a new diaper and I couldn’t use it right away. Love the cute print you got too!

4 years ago

The point that I love is that I can use it after one wash! (I don’t have time to wash diapers multiple times, just to prep them.)


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