Rockin Green Review

Rockin Green Review

Are you worried about chemicals in your home? We have been eliminating chemicals every chance we get…and cleaners are very hard to replace. I feel like ‘natural’ cleaners won’t do the quality job their chemical counterparts will…and with 3 little kids I want both a clean house and a chemical free environment…especially when it comes to the dishes we eat from and the clothing my kids wear. Which is one of the main reasons we have been thrilled to put Rockin Green to the test and share our experience with you.
We have two of our babies in cloth diapers, and after investigating which cloth diapers are most chemical free…I want the same from our detergent for all of our clothing. While the All Free and Clear detergent we typically use is free from fragrance and dye, it’s still composed primarily of chemicals. I think about this every time I wash our clothes and like many parents, would love to have chemical free laundry. This is one major reason that  Rockin Green organic cleaners are popular among green parents. Rockin Green products are:

  • Biodegradable and made from recycled materials
  • In Recyclable Packaging
  • Phosphate-Free
  • Gluten and Vegan Friendly
  • SLS- and Parabens-Free
  • Free of optical brighteners (1)
  • Mom developed and designed
rockin green review

My family has been testing out Rockin Green laundry detergent and Auto dish detergent. We were provided with some samples from the company owner (the company has changed hands since then).

Both are powdered and have a fantastic smell. I typically use liquid laundry detergent so I wasn’t sure how this powdered formula would work. The smell is pleasant, and I’ve noticed that my laundry feels very soft when it comes out of the dryer, much softer then with our All detergent.
The instructions say 1-2tbsp for HE machines, so I’ve been using 2 for my big loads. Our HE washer is commercial sized and I have upped that amount to 4 tbsp after noticing that some of the odors weren’t coming out 100% and you may need to adjust for the size and capacity of your machine. The scent is light, and I really have to sniff my laundry to still smell it after it finishes drying. Nice, but not overpowering, and not lingering. My favorite thing to wash with the Rockin Green Smashing Watermelon scent is my kids bedding!!


Can Rockin Green be used in an HE Machine?

To use the powdered detergent in my HE machine, I had to remove a plastic tray that holds liquid detergent so I could scoop the powder right into the pull-out detergent drawer. Price wise, Rockin Green laundry detergent goes for around $20 for 45/90 loads, while comparatively my All detergent was recently $13 for 150 loads liquid at Sam’s club. Just like chemical free/filler free food, chemical free laundry detergent costs more because hey, chemicals are cheap. Like most things; You get what you pay for, and I will certainly keep these products in my cleaning arsenal. I LOVE that my kids’ sheets, pillowcases and comforters smell like watermelon and are washed in chemical free detergent!

rockin green review

rockin green review
rockin green review

Rockin’ Green Grunge Core dish detergent


I found that this dish detergent is slightly more coarse then the laundry detergent. It has a great odor and since I was already at odds with my Cascasde action packs (I think my dishes have been coming out dirtier then before I put them in), I was thrilled to test this out. See that little “Made in the USA” at the bottom of the Grunge Core bag? Yes. Wonderful.

t my dishes smelled like scented oils and have come to really enjoy this fragrance. The website says ‘lemon’ scent but every time I open the dish washer I smell the hippie shop that used to be in my area in the 90’s, full of incense and oils. I also LOVE knowing that my dish detergent isn’t leaving chemical residue on the plates my children eat from. Occasionally I find a few granules not yet dissolved, which I just leave in for the next round and feel relieved when I use it, and like the laundry detergent it is more expensive then the action pacs we have been using, but hey…like the food we eat…it costs more to buy something that isn’t processed junk.

rockin green review


rockin green review

Does Rockin Green Clean Laundry Well?

I have tested out many natural laundry detergents including Molly’s Sudds. I’ve found that natural laundry detergent just doesn’t clean our clothes the way the chemical filled stuff does. It just doesn’t. Typically I have to use twice the recommended amount. To compromise, I use mainstream detergent on my son’s cloth diapers and I save the natural detergent for things that aren’t as stained like bedding including sheets and comforters. I also wash my kids’ clothes in natural detergent and do my best t pre-treat stains.

Because natural laundry detergent is good for the environment I will continue to use it! Popular products from Rockin Green include the ammonia remover and the rockin green athletic laundry wash. I love a product like this for my son’s soccer gear!

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