Public Relations and Disclosure

Mama Banana’s Adventures is a PR Friendly blog
Public Relations:
  • Mama Banana’s Adventures is a PR friendly blog for Mom and family based products.
  • Please contact me via email if you would like a product reviewed e-mail
  • Mama Banana’s Adventures featured product reviews and sponsored posts. Posts have a product minimum of $75 and sponsored post fees start at $100 to account for time spent and work involved in featuring your product.
  • Please contact for Sponsored Post Rates that may fit your needs.
  • Product provided will become property of Mama Banana’s Adventures. I can not return reviewed items.
  • Reviews will be posted in a timely manner typically dependent on testing time with my family and typically range 4-6 weeks. Unless a a different time frame is agreed upon. It will include photos in my post I have taken and edited of the actual product or products you send as well as images from your site if needed.
  • Photos are property of Mama Banana’s Adventures LLC and for use on this website.
  • The review will provide information about your company and links and/or photos may be used from your website to supplement any photos and information I have provided.
  •  Photos will be taken (by me) of the product sent for review and included in the blog article. Please ensure the item you send is free from defects to allow for detailed photos.
  • I/my family will test out your product and include personal accounts as well. I have 4 children, 6 and under and a dog and cat. We do personally test out everything to provide the best information to readers and include personal experience and commentary.
  • Review items must be full size to complete a proper review.
  • If review items are sent damaged  I will not review them and you will be notified. I will not write a ‘here is a damaged article’ review. I can send photos and/or you can have the item returned with a prepaid label.
  • I reserve the right not to publish a product review it a product does not meet expectations and will not produce articles containing negative feedback/bad talking a company.


  • Giveaways are open to the US, USA/Canada, Worldwide for individuals 18+ and should be specified.
  • It will run for a 2 – 4week period or slightly over unless another duration is agreed upon.
  • I will develop a giveaway tool via giveaway tools or gleam (but probably GT) to accept entries.
  • Other bloggers may be acquired by me to promote the giveaway including a separate blog post that I provide them to run on their blog.
  • Winners will be randomly selected via the giveaway tool.
  • After a winner is selected they will be contacted for their information. Their contact information will be provided to you for prize fulfillment.
  • Contacting and receiving information may take several days. Winners are provided 48 hours to respond to an e-mail, if this e-mail isn’t responded to I select a new winner and that person is given 48 hours too.
  • NO Spam accounts will qualify. Sponsors provide winners with a free product and pay for shipping, please honor them by entering as a real person.
  • Prizes will be shipped and provided by the company sponsor and Mama Banana’s Adventures is not responsible for lost, stolen or non-fulfilled prizes by sponsors.
  • One form of entry may be for readers to visit your website/product page and leave a comment on the blog article answering a specified question.  (Example of entry: Visit product x’s website and leave a comment telling me your favorite feature or another product you’d love to try.)
  • Additional entries will be offered to entrants for prize chances including to have a quality visit to a business page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram “favorite” your shop on Etsy, or subscribe to your emails. My links will also be provided in this manner.
  • I cannot ask for entrants to purchase your product for additional entries, this violates FTC regulations, however you can offer a coupon code to be provided in the review/article.
  • I can add an e-mail signup entry as a point option, however I can not provide you with an e-mail list of giveaway entrants without their permission as this violates their trust and privacy.
  • As with product reviews, giveaways will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest if your company is active on there as well.
  • I do request that companies promote the giveaway as well, this ensures the best customer reach and opportunity for readers to see the fantastic product highlighted.

Kickstarter Campaigns and App Reviews

  • I receive several Kickstarter and app requests to my inbox daily. While I would love to help all companies with product promotion, this takes considerable time and energy.
  • For that reason, I have a standard $100 fee for listing and promoting your Mom/family friendly product promotion on my website.
  • I am unable to dedicate free time and energy to these campaigns, but love all the new products and ideas being released.
  • Promotion for kickstarters/apps includes publication to my blog, 30 days of tweets scheduled through my program, and posting to facebook.
  • Fee is due prior to posting or within 48 hours and promoting your product if you would like to work together please e-mail me at I filter requests through this address and will contact you from my primary/private blog e-mail.

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Mama Banana’s Adventures is a personal blog. The information here is based on personal experience and opinion. Some links, including those on my side bar may be affiliate links meaning that I get a small percentage of sales through those links and I appreciate any and all clicks there.
Information is often provided to company websites and external links to supplement articles. I am not in control of those sites, please report any broken links.  As always, if you have any questions about your health or your family’s health contact your physician. Products and information provided are not meant to diagnose or treat any sort of medical condition. Although I may receive product samples for review, my opinions are honest and this product does not influence the articles I write. I however do enjoy reviewing products that I know are high quality and have worked well for my family, but may not necessarily work well for yours. We’re all different people, however I hope you find some insight on the topics included in this blog and maybe are saved some time looking for things you may find awesome.

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