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Pregnancy; The Second Trimester; How Many Times Did I Pee Today?! – Mama Banana's Adventures

Pregnancy; The Second Trimester; How Many Times Did I Pee Today?!

     Pregnancy the second trimester. Whew, what a relief! Making it to the second trimester is cause for celebration. In the second trimester the risk of miscarriage goes down super low, most of my nausea has subsided and I’m looking towards delivery. I got to hear baby’s heartbeat at my last OB appointment and the smell of chicken no longer makes me want to puke. In my first pregnancy I was very nauseated for 16 weeks, in the last three (including this one), reaching 13 weeks has nearly been the end of nausea. Despite the fact that mind numbing heartburn hasn’t accompanied this pregnancy, nausea certainly has! In addition to feeling some relief, I find myself peeing…a lot. It’s really a huge interruption! I pee at night, constantly during the day and I really don’t think I drink that much liquid! Here are more second trimester highlights:

  • It’s 11:00 at night. I just got into bed and it hits me…I already have to pee! What’s that? Two minutes in bed? Laying down makes it easier for my kidneys to work and ensures that my evenings are filled with trips to the bathroom. At least I’m getting some walking in…right?
  • I’m definitely starting to look pregnant and not just like I got a little heavier then usual. I’m breaking out the maternity pants with those comfy stretchy waistbands! Why don’t all pants have stretchy waistbands?!
  • Mama Brain is in full swing. What day is today?! What appointment did I forget?! Hey, as long as I can see all 3 of my children, despite possibly mixing up their names, I figure all is good.
  • Oh…My…WE’RE HAVING A BABY! Yes, it’s finally sinking in. I have been so busy with my other babies, family issues and life in general that I haven’t sat down and thought about this peanut. Under 27 weeks to go!
  • What’s in a due date? This baby is running a few days big, so my due date is flexible. I prefer that anyway, most babies pick their own date…despite being told by an OB when they should be born. 
  • Ouch, I can’t sleep on that shoulder. Ouch, that hip hurts too. Maybe on my back? Oh no, the doctor said left side…left side…and….I wake up on my stomach.
  • There is JUNK in my TRUNK. Literally. I think this thing can jiggle. If I ever wanted to be in a rap video, now would be the time to apply. 
  • Nipple pain. Oh wow, the girls have definitely grown and ouch! I’m nursing my baby, and will definitely tandem nurse again, but WOW my nipples are sore. 27 more weeks, 27 more weeks…
  • I am definitely growing facial hair. My OB was wrong, these babies are not going to fall out. I already told hubby that when he and the kids are looking for Mother’s Day gifts down the road…I’ll take some laser treatments!!
  • Still sweating. The second trimester has continued with first trimester sweating. I used to run 5 miles and sweat less then this. I’m wearing deodorant and might as well have skipped it. Maybe I can start using paper towels in my armpits for my own sanity.
  • Oh that ice cold beer/wine looks delicious!! It’s a small sacrifice to make, but (insert whining) why do beer and wine have to contain alcohol?!!
  • Genetic Testing; My OB asked if we wanted genetic testing. It’s a little bloodwork and will give us all sorts of information. YES please! While I love finding out that everything is okay genetically…it will also tell us gender way way before the 20 week ultrasound!
  • Growing out my roots. I don’t dye my hair during pregnancy, maybe twice. In my very early 20’s I started finding white hairs, particularly a white stripe in the front of my hair. If anyone didn’t know it was there…they do now!

     The second trimester brings lots of excitement. I feel as thought I can stop worrying quite a bit, start telling others about our pregnancy and begin preparing for baby. Luckily with 3 previous babies, we have lots of supplies! Some of our goods will need replacing. Our double stroller and swing have really been though a lot, and hopefully we’ll soon find out the gender of this baby so I can pack for delivery!
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Fiddlin' Dandi
4 years ago

I'm in my third trimester now and it seems like I'm using the bathroom more than ever.

Fiddlin' Dandi
4 years ago

I'm in my third trimester now and it seems like I'm using the bathroom more than ever.