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     As I enter the 8th week of my 4th pregnancy, I feel like an old pro. A nauseated, sea sick dizzy old pro with heartburn and the persistent feeling that I just finished a marathon. Upon learning that I was pregnant, I began thinking about the items that would help me carry this baby comfortably. Forty weeks is a long time and I like to be prepared. This Pregnancy Bundle from Fairhaven health has everything I’m looking for! It has natural versions of products I’ve used in previous pregnancies, great ingredients and a Mom minded approach. Products include loose leaf pregnancy tea, a mesh tea ball, belly butter, chewable preg ease tablets and sitting pretty bottom spray.

    With each of my pregnancies I have rubbed my belly daily with cream. I want to prepare my skin for stretching. Wow does it stretch! In addition to helping my skin stretch, belly massage has helped my muscles stretch and return to a smaller state post delivery. The size of my belly has amazed me with each of my babies. I can’t believe it’s ability to grow sooooo large and go back months later. The human body is an amazing thing! I have managed to have very minimal stretch marks from each pregnancy and I truly believe it’s from this daily buttering.
     I have tried belly butters including everything from plain coconut oil to pastes. I really like the Fairhaven Health Dream Belly Butter. It has a great consistency, light smell and absorbs quickly. Unlike oils I’ve tried, that take hours to absorb, this belly butter soaks in quickly after I massage my belly. I cover my belly, hips, sides and lower back in the hope that my skin will stretch comfortably as I continue to grow. It has a really nice list of natural ingredients and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients that may make their way to baby.

     The PregEase tablets may be my favorite item in the bundle. They’re orange flavored and a tad chalky, but not nearly as chalky as tums. Unlike antiacid tablets I’ve taken during my other pregnancies, these have vitamin B6 to help with nausea. Addressing both nausea and heartburn, I look forward to having my 2 tablets and their nice orange flavor. I find these really tasty too!

     I’m a coffee lover. I not only love the taste of coffee, but I rely on the boost it gives me. Switching to tea has helped me replace coffee and I really enjoy my cup of Tea for Two. The Pregnancy Bundle has a generously sized bag of loose leaf tea and a mesh tea ball so you can drink this right away. It has a gentle flavor and is full of herbs that have been used for centuries. These herbs are believed to help strengthen the uterus, relieve morning sickness and help with pregnancy. In addition to being a great tea, my kids think the tea ball is really fun and there’s a science experiment in each cup!

     If you’ve given birth before, or are preparing to, you must be wondering about after-care for your lady regions. I have replicated the ice-pack-condoms the hospital made for at-home use, but definitely wished I had some bottom spray for after-care. Fairhaven health’s Sitting Pretty Spray has witch hazel, the ingredient found in the soothing pads the hospital gave me, in a great spray form. Other natural ingredients including calendula, lavender, peppermint and tea tree (along with some great others) not only smells great, but also soothes and helps healing. I found that the spray tingled at first, then felt soothing. I can’t wait to use this post-partum!

     Overall I love this bundle and wish I had this with all of my pregnancies. It has everything an expecting Mom, or new Mom will love! It’s a great gift for oneself, for a baby shower or for a friend or relative. Find the Pregnancy Bundle on the Fairhaven Health website, where they have literally everything a Mom could want! From fertility products, pregnancy products, to all sorts of after birth care, breastfeeding goodies and even products for Men! Make sure to visit Fairhaven Health on Facebook 
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I make no health claims. Consult your physician, midwife or birthing center for questions about your individual care.

DreamBelly Butter for Stretch Marks

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