Organize Your Closet; Versatile Scarf Holder Review

I was provided with a product sample to facilitate this review. The opinions here are my own, I have not been paid to say nice things and (as always) am honest. The photos here have been taken by me and include the product sample. It’s pretty cool, I think you’ll really like it!

      The closet…. It’s one area in the house where I’d like to close the door and pretend the mess isn’t there. Organization is my biggest obstacle. While large items like sweaters and pants fit neatly onto standard hangers, accessories like scarves and ties get a bit messy (okay a lot messy).

     I am always searching for items that have multiple purposes; This saves space, time and money. Which is why I was very excited to come across the Versatile Scarf Holder from clever container. This unique organizer boasts a chrome finish and 18 compartments. It’s called the ‘versatile’ holder because it’s uses are only as limited as your imagination. 

     Clever container is a company specializing in items to help organize your life. The company sells items through personal representatives allowing you to speak directly with someone who can identify with your needs and lifestyle. You will notice that the links here take you to Jess Wicker’s Clever Container Shop and I thought you should know how fantastic she is.  
     In addition to being a Clever Container representative, Jess is the proud Mama to 2 beautiful little girls and also works as a labor and delivery nurse! Wow, right? As you can imagine she has a busy lifestyle. In addition, she has a passion for organization and enjoys sharing it with others through Mission Organize. 
     If you flip through Jess’s online catalog, the Versatile Scarf Holder may catch your eye (it caught mine)! When it arrived I was impressed with it’s quality. It’s a good weight and the finish is perfect. I quickly discovered that not only is it great for organizing scarves, but it’s amazing for organizing other things too! The chrome finish shouts out – don’t hide me in the closet!! So here are a few things I came up with. 

Baby Shower Keepsake     

Take items from gifts or from your shower and hang on a picture hook! 

     Holiday Door Decor

 Use Non-Breakable Ornaments to Deck the Halls!

Scarf – Tie Organizer

  If you’ve given a lot of ties as gifts, the next best present is an organizer! Many of ours say ‘no iron’ so keeping them neat, wrinkle free and organized is important.

     Okay, so the last one is pretty obvious. I do think this would also make an amazing helium balloon display for the middle of a party table. It would space and weigh them down perfectly! Along with providing this fantastic item for review, Jess is giving one away to one lucky USA winner!
   (Closed)  Please enter via the rafflecoptor below and as always, entries will be verified and the winner will be contacted and asked to respond within 48 hours via e-mail or a new winner will be selected.
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