Top 10 Reasons to Online Consignment Shop + The Best Places to Do It & Coupons!

Top 10 Reasons to Online Consignment Shop + The Best Places to Do It!

I love thrift store shopping! I always have. Some of the treasures I’ve found still hang in my closet plus I really feel smart and like I’ve won a mini-lottery when I find amazing things consignment shopping! Online thrift shopping is a great way to save money and have a fantastic wardrobe! Recently, I discovered online consignment/thrift shopping and I’m so excited to share it with you! Here are the top 10 reasons to online consignment shop and the best places to do it + a poshmark coupon and thredup coupon for you to use too!

online consignment shopping

Top 10 Reasons to Online Consignment Shop

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1.The prices!

Last week I bought 3 Lucky Brand shirts, brand spanking new with tags, from thred up for less than 1/4 of the retail price! I had been looking at their website for weeks but spending $69 on a pair of jean shorts is just not possible with a family of 6 to clothe and feed! They arrived in perfect condition, with great biodegradable packaging and I couldn’t be happier! ThreadUp also works more like an online retailer than something like ebay or poshmark and it has a big company feel to it.

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2. Amazing selection of brands

When I first started online thrift shopping I was floored by the brands. If you have a taste for something like Chanel or BCBG…they have it! I find many of my favorite brands at all price ranges. You can find new, gently worn or worn items at different price points and avoid breaking the bank for fashion. You can shop everything from very formal dresses to yoga pants and swimsuits!

3. Deals on top of deals

I’ve made several purchases from Poshmark. Unlike ThreadUp, on Poshmark you are purchasing from people who sell on the site itself. Poshmark guarantees purchases by not releasing funds to sellers until you receive items and also must check in. They also have a feature I’ve taken advantage of a few times. I notice that if I like an item or two in someone’s closet and then wait a few hours, sometimes overnight…I get often e-mailed a special promo from the shop owner to encourage purchasing! An even better deal on top of the already amazing deals!

Plus use the $5 Poshmark Coupon below to save even more!

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4. Good for Mother Earth

The resources used in the production of clothing are huge. From raw materials to factory production…making new clothes is hard on Mother Earth. In addition, once they’re made they have to be shipped, often overseas and then from location to location until they reach the warehouse they’re shipped from or the storefront they hang in.

5. You can shop from home!

I love consignment and thrift shopping but let’s be honest. As a Mom to 4 little ones, I have a hard time heading out to the supermarket alone. Getting a few hours to hunt for treasures at the local thrift shops rarely happens. With online thrift shopping, I can shop from home, find treasures and have all the fun without having to find someone to watch my brood!

6. Shop for the whole family

I’m thrilled that I can shop for myself and with many of our local kid store retailers closing, like Gymboree and the Children’s Place, finding items from these shops on consignment just got easier! Plus, I can find many other brands and order sizes without actually having to take everyone into the store. I love this during cold and flu season and also when we’re just too busy to hit a few stores…without a guarantee, we’ll actually find anything that we like & that fits.

7. Zero-Waste Approved

Are you striving to live a zero waste lifestyle? Shopping consignment helps people living a zero-waste lifestyle because you’re not creating additional waste with the production of new clothing. Plus, all packaging I’ve received so far has been paper and cardboard which I repurpose in packaging things I mail out and I reuse the tissue paper in gift bags and for storing things like Holiday decorations for the next season!

8. Keeping your wardrobe budget-friendly

I was looking for a pair of jean shorts for a week online, hoping to find a sale and then I found them online consignment shopping! New with tags for less than half the price! Same shorts, less than half with shipping included. What will I do with the $$ I saved? Oh, I’d like to say something fun but it will probably go for bills!! Plus I used the poshmark coupon above and saved even more!

9. Putting money in the pockets of families

Just like shopping from small retailers like etsty, shopping from stores where people directly sell clothing items puts money into the pockets of real people and not out to corporations! I often see a sign saying something along the lines of “when you buy from a small shop you help a family pay for dance lessons and not a CEO buy a 3rd vacation home” and it’s so true!! You can also find online consignment items on Etsy!

10. A clear conscience

I’ll be honest. When I shop for myself I often feel a bit of Mom Guilt. “This money could go for something for the kids,” I think to myself. Do I really need to spend $50 on a shirt for me? That’s a little crazy right…when we have bills to pay, a vacation to take and what if there’s an emergency? With online consignment shopping I feel good about the purchases I make all around…including that voice in the back of my head encouraging me to not spend on myself.


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2 years ago

I’ve tried ThreadUp for selling clothes, but I’ve never tried buying. I’ve heard about Poshmark, but I never checked it out. I really like the idea of buying from other people and creating less waste. Thanks for the coupon to try it out!

2 years ago

Well, it’s interesting I stumbled across this post today – I started my own online thrift shop last week 🙂 Sometimes I find going into Thrift shops overwhelming because there is so much to look through to find bargains but online takes the hassle out of it all because you can utilize the search options on the site.

If you’re interested here’s my site I’m based in Australia but offer worldwide shipping 🙂

2 years ago

What a great reminder. I never consider online shopping for second hand clothes. I do have a Poshmark account, but I’m fairly new to it. Thank you for going over the points on why we should shop online for second hand clothes. Such good deals and we’re helping out fellow families!

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