No, I Didn’t See the News Today…I’m a Mom!!

     As a Mom to 3 little boys I often wonder what I used to do with my time. I now find that every moment is filled either preparing or participating in a task for my family, and that Momming is a 24/7 job. I’m on call all night, all day and must be ready for anything.
     Every so often I have a conversation with one of my non-Mom friends, a relative or coworker who isn’t living a similar lifestyle…whom just can’t seem to understand why I’m not up on current events, ready to go out shopping in an hour, or why my wardrobe primarily consists of pajamas and other clothing items I don’t mind getting paint, pancake batter or poop on.
     So no…..I didn’t see that the world is ending on the news today….However….I can sing Frozen in it’s entirety, am a proud supporter of Peg Plus Cat…and occasionally have cleaned so much poop in one day I could write a book totally about the subject. (Mental note to self…write poop book).
     To answer my question, what is it exactly that I used to do with my time before kids? Live a not nearly as busy life full of things I thought were fulfilling…that is…until I held the first of 3 loves of my life in my arms and discovered the true meaning of life and love. Moms, you know what I mean!! If you can’t understand this yet, I hope that some day you will because us Moms are living the best possible lives out there! Poop and all.

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