New Year New Boob Giveaway Extravaganza!

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     With each New Year comes…New Year resolutions! A healthier diet, a new exercise routine, better financial planning, more family time. Well, let’s not forget two very hard working girls all nursing Moms know! That’s right! Breastfeeding at-the-breast Moms, Breastfeeding Pumping Moms, Breastfeeding combo Moms, Breast Milk Donating Moms, Moms to Induce Lactation…and other Breastfeeding Moms I’ve forgotten! It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to give those girls a fresh start! What better way then with some amazing products designed for breastfeeding Moms? Here are some fantastic sponsors.

    1. Sarah Wells Maddy Breast Pump Bag

     With many insurance companies covering the cost of a breast pump, it’s often one item left off of many baby registries. I know personally with my first son I purchased a Medela for $279, and with my 3rd son my insurance provided an Ameda! What is there left to get a breastfeeding/pumping Mom? A stylish pumping bag!! The Sarah Wells “Maddy” Breast Pump Bag is the perfect gift!
     If you’ve ever seen a standard breast pump bag, you know the black one that comes with many brands…then you know it’s not the most fashionable item to tote around. My insurance provided Ameda pump didn’t come with one at all. That’s where these fantastic bags come in! Not only are they more fashionable, but they offer pump designed compartments and style. Any pumping Mom would be proud to carry it to work, on outings and anywhere a breastfeeding/pumping Mom needs to go! Seriously, have you seen them?
    For this giveaway, Sarah Wells is providing one winner The Maddy Bag. This bag measures 13″ long, 8″ wide and 11″ tall. The handles are a 11.5″ from bag to handle top. The Maddy Bag is made from animal friendly manmade materials that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or small amount of dish soap for the bag exterior.(1) Easy right? See how happy this lady is? Even better this amazing line of bags is carried by Amazon! Easy ordering, gifting and shipping. I’m an affiliate for amazon because I love them so much!

     2. Nursing Cover from Cover My Heart 

      The breastfeeding scarves offered by Cover My Heart are both multifunctional and fashionable. They can be used for nursing and or pumping! If you saw someone wearing one, it would look like a fantastic accessory to their outfit…and this line definitely doesn’t look like your typical nursing cover. In addition to being fashionable, it helps keep the diaper bag lighter because Mom can wear it all the time! No need to dig through the diaper bag. Nurse on the go, pump at your desk at work…in a room full of people while getting paperwork done, in the car, or wear it because it’s beautiful!
     Made of lightweight polyester chiffon fabric it’s airy and breathable to keep Mom and baby comfortable with whatever level of coverage keeps you feeling confident. It boasts a generous neckline, so you can see baby through the top, and 12 different ways to wear. Move over heavy cotton nursing covers, personalizable fashionable breastfeeding cover my heart covers are here!

3. Nursing Bra Express; Night Time Bra and Nursing Pads
     Nursing Bra Express is one stop shopping for an amazing selection of nursing bras and breastfeeding products. They offer a huge line of nursing bras and everything from comfortable sleep bras to lacy sexy underwire nursing bras and even have a discount section that has bras for sale under $10!
     Over 4 years ago when I first started shopping for nursing bras I felt a loss for pretty and colorful bras. The work horses I bought from Target were better options then the ones that looked exactly like them from Motherhood…I wish I knew about Nursing Bra Express! Take measurements, order from home, and get the best prices on an absolutely gigantic selection of nursing bras and breastfeeding accessories.

4. FairHaven Health; Milkies Breast Milk and Food Trays, Huge Pack of Mom Care Goodies!!

      If you’re a breastfeeding Mom then you have probably heard of Milkies. They are well known for their amazing wearable item that is worn on the breast and collects milk that would otherwise leak out onto your bra, pads, or baby. Did you know that the company’s parent name is FairHaven Health and that they offer a HUGE selection of fertility, breastfeeding, pregnancy and baby items? Yes! Amazing list of products. A new addition to their collection are the fantastic food trays pictured below. Not only can you store pumped or expressed milk and easily melt it down for feeding without the use of plastic bags, but they also make baby food trays. Mix baby’s favorite foods with Mama milk for nutritious and easy to digest foods! Read my instructions for making baby’s first food and give the best to baby! AND Tea, Nipple Nuture Balm, Milkies Freeze, Milk Saver, and the Dream Belly Butter!!

5. Purple Unicorn Clothing Store

      Purple Unicorn Clothing Store is a reputable and high quality handmade shop from whom I personally know the owner! We met at a La Leche League event and I was thrilled to see the line of fitted diapers and clothing she makes. We own 5 of her hybrid fitted cloth diapers, 2 Maxaloones and I am very proud to have them in our stash! Read my full review of here in my WAHM spotlight. You can long for and admire this 2T shirt she hand made especially for this event with breastfeeding fabric! Join her BST and Chat group to try and snag some custom slots see newest fabrics and get the latest on hyena cart stockings!

6. Paper Vs Glue; Handmade Vintage Deco Box

     As a nursing and pumping Mom, I often wonder where I’m going to store all the little parts and supplies that I need for breastfeeding. In particular…those little rubber valves that come with my Medela and Ameda pump! I was thrilled to find Paper Vs Glue and these one of a kind vintage cigar boxes (not used) designed by a wonderful artist. Not only is Samantha an amazing artist, but she is educating the public on a disorder that has been part of her life; Bischets Disease and Dyskinesia. Her makeup is outstanding, her art work stunning, and please follow her social media accounts for amazing photos of her pug crochet creations from Hook Vs Yarn
7. Little Sunshines (Nursing Necklace and Nipple Crochet Hat)

      A teething necklace is something I wish I had with my first baby! We purchased our first teething necklace from Little Sunshines and I have been so happy with it! If you sift through my blog and instagram photos you’ll see it in many of the pictures. For those of you who babywear and deal with a hair-pulling baby a necklace is a great way to reduce hair pulling and keep baby happy.
      Little Sunshines is a shop operating out of Dallas PA and like me the Mom has 3 beautiful baby boys! In addition to teething necklaces, she also hand makes crochet hats and bandana bibs. Her hats are one of a kind and she imagines many of the patterns! Truly an artist.

Baby Birdy Bum Starter Set (3 diapers, 3 inserts, 1 Wetbag)

          Baby Birdy Bum cloth diapers are some of my favorites! A OS diaper that still fits my boys after I have to put my other OS diapers away! Read my full review HERE and check them out. Bamboo insert, bamboo fleece lined and lots size adjustments. See that 3rd extra snap on the arm? Yes, no diaper wings will be folding in on these! I’m also thrilled that although some of our baby birdy bums are over a year old…they still look great. The PUL is in great condition, the color still vibrant and I reach them before many other brands. 
The Spoiled Mama ($25 Giftcard)
     The Spoiled Mama is a shop featuring many pre pregnancy, post pregnancy and organic breastfeeding pregnancy products! Some items you may want to spend the $25 gift card on include stretch marks lotion, pregnancy lotion, tummy butter, pregnancy creams, organic breastfeeding products, breastfeeding tea, items to increase breast milk supply and production, nipple cream and nipple butter, breastfeeding cream and a laundry list of skin care products! Make sure to visit their shop to see the gigantic line of products!  

 Nuzzle Hug ($58.99 Value)

     The nuzzle hug is a product designed to provide either cool or warm comfort to a woman’s breasts. In can be placed in the microwave or freezer and temperature therapy and used to provide relief from engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis, encourage let down, maintain open ducts, promote blood flow to the breasts which may help prepare for pumping. It comes in two sizes, small or large, has an adjustable neck length and is offered in several colors. In addition to breast related benefits, this can also be used to soothe other parts of the body including the neck and abdominal area after c-section. Read the full benefits on the company’s website!

Simple Wishes (Bra of Choice $29-$59 Value)

       Simple Wishes Handsfree Bras are a must-have for nursing/pumping Moms! I wish someone had gifted me one with my first son, or told me about this product! Those early days of pumping that I had so much difficulty with would have been a breeze! I dreaded pumping until I learned how to pump hands free. With this bra I pump and do paperwork, eat my lunch at work, and pump in the car! They really work and if you haven’t added one to your breastfeeding arsenal then you need to!
     Simple Wishes offers  3 different bras ranging from $29 to $59, with their latest bra being the B3 you see photographed in the lower left below with the Mom nursing on one side and pumping on the other. While their other products zipper, this functions as both a standard nursing bra and a pumping bra. Great right?! Read about Pumping and Returning to Work HERE

Toosha’s Diapers ($25 Value)

      Toosha’s Diapers are one of my favorite Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Brands! Her AI2s fit my babies both before and after other OS brands! They come with a fold down row (FDR) of snaps, allowing them to fit small babies, and are also generously sized to expand to fit larger babies! Both versatile and well made, these diapers can be custom made to any print you like and are also available in her Etsy shop in regular stockings. If you see one, get it! They do sell out fast!!

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags (Maddy Bag $149 Value)
Ameda Purely Yours (Ramblings of Mama $249 Value)
Baby Birdy Bum Cloth Diapers (3 Diapers with Inserts and Wetbag $65 Value) 
Cover My Heart Stylish Nursing Covers (Nursing Cover $29.95 Value)
Nursing Bra Express (Night time bra and pads $18.87 Value)
Purple Unicorn Clothing Store (Breastfeeding Print 2T Shirt $30 Value)
Paper Vs Glue (Choice of Deco Collage Box $40 Value)
Fair Haven Health (Milk and Baby Food Freezer Trays $44 Value)
Little Sunshines (Nipple Hat and Nursing Necklace 
Nuzzle Hug ($58.99 Value) 
$25 Gift Code to The Spoiled Mama 
Toosha’s Diapers (Diaper of Choice $25 Value) 
Simple Wishes Bra of Choice!! ($29-$59 Value!!)

  Disclosure: The above items were will be provided by company sponsors, winner will be contacted via e-mail for information to provide. Winner is responsible for any tax implications or laws that are specific to their state. Void where prohibited by law. 18+ legal residents may enter. Mama Banana’s Adventures will always provide honest opinions, beliefs or experiences on products reviewed and will only make recommendations that we feel are beneficial to our readers. Mama Banana’s Adventures is not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media outlets and released of any liability. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Links enclosed may contain affiliate links. If you have any questions or would like your product or company featured at  Mama Banana’s Adventures  you can contact via e-mail at


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