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     If you have children, then you know that finding unique and personalized clothing can be challenging. I’m thrilled to work with Monkeebumz clothing shop and share one of her designs. Owner Sherry has some of the most eye catching embroidered designs available. We have a Monkeebumz fleece diaper cover and it’s adorable! In addition to diaper covers, she makes t-shirts, tutus, hadbands, onesies, embroidered hooded towels and can even create birth stat items. Just about anything you can imagine! We are reviewing a fleece diaper cover. Why fleece diaper covers? Fleece diaper covers are great for helping prevent leaks and can be used over many styles of diapers including fitteds. A fitted cloth diaper is a great option for well-hydrated babies, but doesn’t have a waterproof outer layer like a pocket, all-in-one (AIO) or all-in-two (AI2) style diaper. The fleece gives an added layer of moisture resistance and is adorable! Take a look at our cover below and visit my etsy affiliate links to see her available producs:

     MonkeeBumz shop owner Sherry is both an Army Veteran and the proud Mama to 5 babies. Turned Work At Home Mom (WAHM), Sherry launched her shop in 2014 and was originally inspired to begin cloth diapering when her 29 week premie son was released from the NICU at 38 weeks. She needed a good nighttime solution and fell in love with fleece! She has set forth creating adorable and unique embroidered designs on all sorts of surfaces. Please make sure to check out her shop on etsy and our review below! (pinterest graphic below)

(Smallest Above, Largest Below)

MonkeeBumz Fleece Diaper Cover Features Include:

  • One-Size (OS) design approx 10-35lbs
  • 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Can be used over Fitteds, Prefolds, Flats etc.
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 2-layer Fleece Shell
  • 2-layer Fleece Snap insert in Wet-Zone
  • 3 Sets of Rise Snaps
  • 10 Waist Snaps
  • Crossover Snaps for Managing Poop Cloth Diapers
  • Embroidered Rear
  • Wash with Regular Laundry, Air Dry for Best Care

        In addition to being really adorable, I was happy to find that this cover fits well. My son is approximately 25 pounds and has plenty of room to grow in this cover. He’s shown wearing it with a Grovia Bamboo Prefold in the photos below. Seated comfortably on his Pello Floor Pillow,  you can see the design really well. My baby shown here at 5 months, is a well-hydrated heavy wetter. He’s breastfed and eats 24/7 also requiring great night time diaper solutions. In addition to fleece, we also use a fitted diaper with a wool cover and have tried all sorts of combinations.
       The MonkeeBumz cover is designed to fit well and the fleece is very soft against baby’s skin. One item of note is the waist and rise snaps. While many of our cloth diapers have the female (concave) snaps on the front of the cover, the MonkeeBumz has the male (convex) snaps on this side. When I first examined the snap in wet-zone part, I worried that the elastic would keep it bunched. However, once I placed it on baby it flattened out and feels super soft against his back. With a prefold, I quickly felt some dampness on the outside of the cover. However, with one of our fitteds the dampness is far less and a much better solution for overnight. I primarily use this over fitted diapers and would even recommend this to someone who wants a cover for a disposable.
     Why fleece? Fleece diaper covers have more options and versatility then wool covers. In addition, many enjoy a serious reduction in cost. A similar wool cover could easily be double the cost of this cover, which retails for $22-$25. In addition, Fleece covers don’t have to be lanolized. For a child with allergies to wool, or lanolin, a fleece cover provides a synthetic option with virtually any design you can imagine. I have my eye on the Star Wars designs and see a Storm Trooper or Yoda in our future!

     Please support this Mom-run shop by visiting her on Etsy and giving it a heart/follow. Make sure to visit and give her a “like” on facebook to see photos and upcoming projects! I’m sure you’ll find something you love at MonkeeBumz and make sure to pin this review for reference!

        As always, Thanks for stopping by! This post contains an affiliate banner below, I earn a small percentage if you shop through these links so thank you if you do! It helps keep this ship running. I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. I’m also now on Periscope as @MamaBananasAdv. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail

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