MommyCon Coupon Code “MamaBanana15” and Remaining Locations Which Are You Attending?

      MommyCon is an exciting event!! I can’t wait to attend and I think even hubby is excited. As April nears it’s end many of you may be wondering what locations are left. Atlanta and Minneapolis were huge successes and we are now looking onward to Orlando Florida! Oh how I wish I could attend in Florida! (We just had another frost here and it has us all dreaming of the beach). Good news is that most locations are still up and coming and available for ticket purchase. Keep in mind that if you want a VIP goodie bag (worth it IMO) you must purchase a regular ticket first and upgrade later. This is great news because it means you can use the $5 coupon code!! Here’s what’s coming!

MommyCon Orlando FL – May 23
 MommyCon Washington DC – August 22
MommyCon Columbus OH – September 19
MommyCon Newport Beach – November 14
MommyCon Seattle – November 21

Disclosure; This is not a paid post, I do get credit if you use my code to get tickets and hope to get in the top numbers to win a woven wrap!! So Thanks for using it!!

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