Moby Wrap Bamboo Baby Carrier Giveaway open to USA ends 5/15

     A Moby wrap was my first baby carrier. I had a newborn who just couldn’t be put down. I ordered the Moby wrap and started learning. At first I wore it too loose. I remember my son’s feet hitting my knees. I learned to put it on tighter and we have been babywearing happily ever since! Many Moms are familir with Moby wraps and there’s good reason. Moby is a leader in the baby wearing community. With their soft and easy to use wraps they are many parents first experience with baby wearing. While the length of the wrap can be intimidating when first looked at, its really not that complicated and unlike carriers made from non-stretchy fabric, this can be put on before baby goes in and worn like a shirt. This is great for traveling because you can drive with it on, and put baby in when you get to your destination! Enter to win below:

     Why babywear? The benefits to babywearing are Universal. To read more about the benefits of baby wearing (according to an occupational therapist) click here. If you have not tried to baby wear yet and are intimated by trying alone, a great place to start is by reaching out to your local BWI (Baby Wearing International) group. Most major (and some smaller) cities have a group of baby wearing pros who meet up on a weekly or monthly basis. You can go and talk to real baby wearing parents and they can teach you in person how to properly wear your child. You can typically borrow carriers too before you buy, making the process fun and easy. You can read more about the new Bamboo Moby Wrap in Mama the Fox’s Moby Wrap Review
Newborn Hug Hold in a Bamboo Moby Wrap

Enter below for your chance at winning a Bamboo Moby Baby Carrier

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