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MiO wooden toys by Manhattan Toy are fun, imaginative and inspiring. I love wooden toys. Wooden toys are captivating and make electronic devices and plastic light-up toy seem boring. That’s especially true with the MiO wooden toys from Manhattan Toy company. The MiO sets come with equally adorable bean-bag style people sporting wooden heads and pleasant expressions. Additionally my kids, ages six through one, love these. They have been playing with them nonstop since they arrived! We received product samples for our review. See our thoughts, photos and opinions on this collection. This post contains affiliate links.

MiO Wooden Toys by Manhattan Toys

     Manhattan Toy company offers a wide range of wooden toys. From the treetop adventure to the MiO collection, these toys are simple, colorful, and inspiring. They’re even fun to look at! I enjoy having them on display and showing my kids how to set up and combine the sets. Okay, yes, I’m playing with them too…just a bit. It’s impossible not to! The parts are interchangeable, lightweight and the whole set fits together. Items seen here are the MiO eating + 2 people, MiO food truck + 1 person and MiO airplane + pilot.

     The MiO eating + 2 people looks like a little house! It comes with 6 wooden cubes: 2 pink, 2 orange, and 2 natural. It also includes 2 people and the table or stove-top. The roof is removable and has two openings for sky-lights or chimneys. The interior floor of the roof section is a bright orange and the floor of the house section is yellow. You can play with the set put together, or separate to have a camping tent, separate house or use it as a roof to the MiO food truck!

     The MiO food truck + 1 person is pretty great. It has a window that opens by folding the white section up and the blue section down. In addition, the doors on the back open and can be used to get the fridge and stove inside! It also has 4 circles, or plates, that can be used to serve guests (from MiO eating + 2 people) seen below. The truck can be rolled from location to location and there are ample windows and even to carved spaces for headlights.

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     Another item from the MiO wooden toys collection is the MiO airplane + pilot, and it’s pretty fantastic. It’s bright, lightweight, and has a spin-able propeller and wheels. The sides and propeller are painted red, and the rest of the plane is natural. The pilot has his goggles propped up and can fly in to hang out with the people from the other sets, take aerial photos or even another person on a joy-flight. The plane has been a big hit with my kids and like the rest of the collection, is just fun to look at!

     All MiO wooden toys are made with water based non-toxic paints in China and meet or exceed CPSIA safety regulations. Recommended for children 3+, these are easily surface-cleaned with a damp or dry cloth. My kids haven’t stopped playing with these since they arrived! You can find the MiO collection on the Manhattan Toy website and visit their Amazon shop for great prices and Prime shipping!

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Leigh Kitchens
Leigh Kitchens
4 years ago

My 5 mos. old grandson has 3 Manhattan Toys that he has never grown tired of. I am a firm believer in providing play things that promote education & creativity. I try to avoid as much of the battery powered plastic that is what you mainly see in the big box stores. Thank you for introducing me to more of their wonderfully well made toys.

Amanda Louise
4 years ago

I love wooden toys. I’ve been slowly eliminating plastic toys. I can’t wait to try this one’s out. Thanks for the review.

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