Made in the USA Cloth Diapers

Made in the USA Cloth Diapers

While some diaper companies boast designing their cloth diapers in the USA, and then export production overseas, some companies have 100% made in the USA cloth diapers. Supporting USA Made Cloth Diaper products is important for many reasons. For starters, a company who puts jobs in America first, often while sacrificing the potential for lower cost items and a higher profit, should be noticed. Why? For starters, the impact on the cloth diapers have on the environment is even greater! Products don’t need to take a trip literally overseas to get to your doorstep. This uses less gas from boats, vehicles and airplanes seriously reducing emissions. Also, products made in the USA offer a higher level of transparency with production, livable wages, humane working conditions and no child labor. So; What diaper brands are made in the USA? Post contains affiliate links.

made in the USA cloth diapers

     Smart bottoms makes made in the USA products including the Smart Bottoms AIO,  prefolds, swim diapers, liners, trainers, covers and a line of accessories. They promote and boast their 100% made in the USA promise! Smart Bottoms is also known for offering shop exclusives, meaning they product a specific print for a small business to sell exclusively at their shop!

Best Bottoms diapers offer diaper covers with a snap-in insert. In addition, they have training pants, leggings and swaddling blankets. Using PVC-free materials, they are comitted to using as many made in the USA materials as possible in addition to having USA based production!

Super Undies

           Super Undies makes a series of  training pants both for day and night time use. While their Super Undies 2.0 day trainer is primarily for small leaks, they also have a night trainer and large sizes for bigger kids in the line of pull-on super-hero themed undies!

Geffen Baby

          Geffen Baby has an impressive line of Made in the USA prefolds, fitteds, a fladdle that’s a flat/swaddle, and boosters. These diapers promote the only 60% Hemp 40% Organic cotton blend and make 95% of their products right here in the USA!
     I bought my first Thirsties diaper because I loved the print. I bought my next Thirsties diapers because I loved the quality, the Made in the USA practice and the fit! Their Duo 1 wrap was one of my favorite newborn cloth diapers and I plan on continuing to add thirsties to our stash. Thirsties produces the notoriously thin Duo Wrap, pockets, AIOs, prefolds, pail liners, boosters and even wipes. 

     Bottom Bumpers is a Mom made business and produced in the USA! With a great embroidered selection exclusively sold at Nicki’s Diapers, they also offer side-snapping diapers, OS diapers with rise snaps, soakers and boosters. They are well known for their embroidered Holiday diapers and offer a diaper embroidery for every state at Nicki’s! You can read the Change Diapers Review to see a diaper in detail.

Bum Genuis

     Possibly the most well known and best selling pocket diapers, Bum Genuis certainly has created a name in the baby industry. Producing their staple Pocket diaper, their All-In-One Bum Genuis Elemental  and covers including Flip and Econobum, the Cottonbabies line continues to expand. They produce and ship the majority of their products right of St. Louis Missouri and offer a nice selection of both solids and prints.



 Update  *** In July 2016 Blueberry Announced they will no longer make products in the USA and are moving production to Mexico***

       Blueberry diapers offer AIOs, diaper covers, inserts, swim diapers, trainers, wet bags, a tote and even organic fibers. Also offering Swaddlebees, these diapers are both Made in the USA and use USA made fabrics whenever possible. While I haven’t tried a blueberry diaper, I am working with Diaper Junction for an upcoming review of their product (stay tuned)! Diaper Junction also offers an exclusive print with the company and a great selection. 

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Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Shops

     Last, but certainly not least, are the WAHM shops. What’s a WAHM? These are Moms who sew diapers right from home. They often make some of the best diapers and  can create anything you can imagine. From Hybrid Fitteds to Birth Statistic Diapers, a WAHM has you covered. In addition, they are both made in the USA and help put food right on the table of a family and working Mom right here in the USA!
Where to shop?
     Do you love Made in the USA products? Don’t stop at cloth diapers! Reusable products include cloth wipes, paper towels and even menstrual products! Reusable pads are great for your period, as a panty liner for regular days and even when paired with a cup. Visit my affiliate at Pink Lemonade Shop for Work At Home Mom made in the USA cloth pads!
          As always, Thanks for stopping by! This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small percentage if you shop through these links so thank you if you do, it helps keep this ship running! I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. I’m also now on Periscope as @MamaBananasAdv. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail


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