Loving Pets Bella Spill Proof Bone-Shaped Pet Mat Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I received a product sample to facilitate this review however the opinions are my own. 

      Puppies. What can I say, they’re full of energy! This energy transfers to meal time and our pup can make quite a mess with food and water. I was thrilled to get this Large Bella Spill-Proof Pet Mat for our review! The mat comes with anti-skid feet, BPA free plastic, is durable and has a lip around the edge to keep in water and food from splashing out onto the floor. It is textured with a raised bone pattern that holds a dish up and allows for liquid to pass under the bowl. This keeps the bottom of the bowl dry and clean!

     This is our 4 month old puppy having a blast with dinner. As you can see, the mat fits a Large food dish well. The pink dish shown here has a 10″ bottom and is 8″ in the actual feeding part. While it’s good for one large bowl, two bowls this size would be tight. Two smaller bowls would fit nicely on here and when it’s not feeding time, this is a great place to store toys. In the  action-shot below her ears are even a little blurred because she’s really into eating. Luckily, the rubber feet prevent this from sliding around drastically when she places a foot or two on the mat.
     The mat is made from durable BPA free plastic and it’s lightweight but not flimsy. It cleans very easily and washes well wish dish-soap right in the sink. I’m very pleased with the way it looks and it’s a nice compliment to her toy basket and doggie bed.

     This mat comes in black or tan, and in two sizes; large and small. This is the large tan Bella Spill Proof mat and I do hope that they offer a XL or XXL mat in the future to fit our auto-water container a bit better (because wow can she splash!). While it does contain some of the mess I wish it had more room for our pup’s antics. I anticipate this mat to be around for a very very long time and look forward to many years with the Loving Pets brand! Not only is this great for foo/water bowls, but it is great for toy storage and is a nice compliment to our home.

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