Lil Helper Ca. Cloth Diaper Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive product sample to affiliate my review however the opinions here are my own. 

     If you follow my blog, then you know I love a Mom run company. I’m really excited to share this Dad run company! Founded in 2009, Lil Helper Cloth Diapers was created by two friends who were attending university and studying….fashion? no. Graphic design? no. Textiles? no….Pediatrics? no….Aerospace Engineering?? YES. These Diaper Company running Dads are Master’s degree holding Rocket Scientists. Okay, maybe not actual rockets, but they are Aerospace Engineers. In addition to applying their education (because this further reinforces my theory that very intelligent people cloth diaper) to create Little Helper Cloth Diapers, they also donate 1 diaper for every 3 they sell. If you read their website I think you’ll get the impression that these Dads are likable, fun and once you see their diapers you’ll want to add them to your stash! Available in Bamboo or Charcoal/polyester, their one size (OS) all-in-two (AI2) diapers come great solids and prints and have appealing construction. Check them out here:

     When I opened up the package, I was very happy with the appearance of the PUL. If you don’t know what PUL is, it’s the waterproof outer layer that keeps the outside of the diaper feeling damp. Lil Helper Diapers has soft PUL and some other great features:

  • One-size design
  • Crossover snaps
  • Choice of Charcoal Microfiber or Bamboo Inserts (shown below)
  • Soft Microfleece lining
  • Lil Helper Donates 1 Diaper for every 3 Purchased
  • 2 Rows of Rise Snaps
  • 8:10 Waist Snaps
  • Elastic at the Back of Diaper for Blowouts
  • All-in-Two design (Snap-in Inserts)
  • Option to Snap in 1 or 2 Inserts at a time.
  • 4-8 layers of absorbent protection (each insert has 4 layers)

     My 3 year old and 21 m/o have been testing their diapers out. With both inserts these are amazing daytime diapers for my well hydrated babies. For night, we’re using a booster. Overall the absorbency and design are fantastic. Many diaper brands look bikini-like on my toddlers. Lil Helper diapers run towards the larger end of the spectrum and fit both boys really well. Keep following to see when my newborn fits into his! Just a few more weeks and our family will have 4 boys…4 and under!! Shortly after our youngest is born our 4 year old will turn 5! Everyone is excited and I can’t wait to start my newborn fit article for all of you!
     In addition to having great diapers, Lil Helpers has websites for both USA and Canada customers, with free shipping for orders over $29 in the USA (which is amazing). Make sure to Follow Lil Helper Cloth Diapers on Facebook and visit their shop for current pricing and to see what’s in stock. Make sure to watch my video review below to see diaper features in motion!

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