Lena Cup Review and Coupon Code

Lena Cup Review & Lena Cup Coupon

I’m going green everywhere. From cloth diapers, reusable household products and helping to save the bees…somehow, I missed my period. Figuratively, not literally of course. After reading about the toxicity in disposable menstrual products, I knew it was time for a Lena Cup, Reusable Menstrual Cup. During my last pregnancy, I started collecting reusable menstrual pads and added a menstrual cup shortly afterwards.

The benefits to reusable menstrual cups are numerous and better than disposable products in many ways. Lena cups are made from silicone, medical grade and don’t contain the chemicals associated with tampons and disposable pads. In addition, they can be worn for longer than a pad and are great for being active and swimming. Lena Cups create less landfill waste and environmental pollution. As I also discovered, they’re comfortable and easy to use! Here’s my experience, some affiliate links for purchase with my Lena Cup!

lena cup coupon code

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The Lena cup reusable menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicone and made in the USA. See my Lena Cup review and information on using a reusable meanstrual cup

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My first time using a menstrual cup was on vacation! I read the instructions and knew that I should try it at home first, but we were at the beach and I was not going to use a tampon. Since giving birth, I have been unable to use tampons due to discomfort and haven’t had much of a cycle with breastfeeding. Between nursing and having babies close together, my period hasn’t been around much…until now.
I have 3 different brand cups and chose to use the Lena Cup first. Why? It felt soft, I liked the color and looked very manageable. I opened up the box and was pleasantly surprised. Both the small and large cups I received as samples looked smaller than I imagined and felt very soft and flexible. Using the Lena Cup guide, I chose the Large cup. Why Large? The sizing guide is very easy to understand and I, having had a baby and some heavy flow days, qualified for the Large. If you search below, you can see the two cup sizes in my hand. Large is on the left and Small is on the Right of my palm.

Choosing Lena Cup Fold:

Next, I examined the cup itself. The stem is textured, there are several air holes around the rim and there is a soft pronounced ridge around the top. This is the area that makes a seal by the cervix, on the vaginal wall, to prevent leaks. I practiced folding a few times and decided to go with the “C” fold (seen below) because it looked similar to a tampon to me. I sat on the toilet and inserted it cautiously. The top began to open up and continued to open as I moved it closer towards my cervix. To my pleasant surprise, the cup was fairly easy to insert and comfortable. After awhile, I completely forgot it was there. By day three, after finding the right spot to put my Lena, I was a pro! I wore the menstrual cup swimming, out to dinner and walking on the boardwalk.

Handling Menstrual Blood:

What about the blood? I had been warned about the blood… Someone mentioned the need to take it out in the bathtub and said it may create a mess worthy of a crime scene photo. I feared the cup removal. However, I bravely sat on the toilet and gave it a go. After my first attempt to remove the Lena cup, by pulling on the stem, I realized that I had created a nice seal. I changed my approach.

Next, I pulled gently on the stem with one hand and pinched the cup at the bottom with the other. It was almost a reverse process to the way I inserted it. It came out slowly and contained the menstrual blood inside like a zombie wine glass. There was a bit that got on my fingers, but not nearly what I imagined. In general, it was a clean process and because blood was collected up so high, it took awhile for it to come out when I changed to a pad for the night. No crime scene worthy mess at all!

lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
 lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
  Lena Cup Features Include:
  • Can be worn for up to 12 hours
  • Made in California
  • Okay for use at night
  • FDA Registered
  • ISO 13485:2003 Certified
  • Patented Unique Shape
  • Bell shaped for liquid capacity
  • Angled, easy to clean, air holes
  • Grip rings on Stem for cup removal
  • Stem can be trimmed/customized
  • Perfect softness
  • Pink color available in Small or Large
  • Odorless/Unscented
  • Comes with Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • BPA, Latex and Dioxin free
  • Maintains natural pH
  • Does not cause drying
  • 100% Post consumer waste packaging
lena cup coupon code and lena cup review
lena cup coupon code and lena cup review

Overall impression of the Lena Cup + Lena Cup Coupon

I’m very excited about cup use! I feel like I got it right the first time with the Lena cup. The Lena Cup has a great firmness. It’s not too firm and it’s not too soft and having both sizes is great for flow days of all sorts.

I feel confident knowing that this lena cup was produced in California and meets many health and safety standards. I haven’t trimmed the stem, but it can be trimmed to any length you prefer. Ready to get yours? Currently only available on Amazon, these cups ship free with Prime or value over $35 with free returns. Do I recommend this cup? Absolutely. The softness is perfect, it was easy to use even as a first-time cup user staying in a hotel at the beach! Use my Lena Cup Coupon Code below to save!

          As always, Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found this article helpful and can use the lena cup coupon code I posted. A menstrual cup lasts a long time and if you can save on your lena cup then yay, right?! Have a great week and I appreciate your comments and thoughts. 




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