Fun Ways to Keep Chickens Busy & Happy

I’ve been living in the country my entire life. Chickens are always fun for humans to watch and people are always looking for fun ways to keep chickens busy. Chickens are the farm version of watching the fish tank! They are always moving around, interacting and searching for their next snack. The recent wave of backyard chicken owners has many people looking for great activities for keeping chickens entertained. As a proud chicken Mama myself…I’m happy to share some of our favorite ways to keep chickens busy, happy and healthy!

keep chickens busy

If you don’t keep your chickens busy, chickens will find their own ways to stay entertained! Unfortunately, sometimes it’s buy picking on each other, arguing and digging holes in the flower beds. While they may still do some of these things, keeping chickens busy with great activities is one way to entertain their minds, keep them exercised and healthy and to keep their little bird brains busy! This post contains affiliate links

1.Chicken Xylophone

Do you have musical chickens? Keep your chickens busy and possibly bring out the Mozart in your flock with this chicken xylophone. You may need to show them how to use this in the beginning but soon, any musically minded birds will flock to it! Dangle it as shown or mount it to the wall for more secure playing.

keep chickens busy chicken xylophone

2. Chicken Treat Basket

Chickens love treats! In fact, food is one of the primary ways they are entertained. Chickens are always searching for something to eat and it’s a great way to keep chickens busy. Get this awesome treat basket and fill it with different chicken treat blocks, veggies or your choice of filler for continued flock entertainment.

keep chickens busy chicken treat box

3. Chicken treat skewers

Cabbage is one of my flock’s favorite treats! Securing it is always a struggle. If I leave it on the ground their chicken treat very quickly becomes dirty and wet. These chicken treat skewers are great for putting whatever you like on it and keeping the flock busy trying to peck at a moving object!

keep chickens busy chicken treat skewer

4. Poultry Blocks

Poultry or Flock Blocks are a great way to keep chickens busy! They also contain ingredients like calcium and grit to help with digestion and eggshell quality. We use both the Purina Flock Block and the Kalmbach Feeds Poultry Block and our flock loves them!

5. Chicken Swing

Chicken swings are a great way to keep chickens busy! I made a homemade one and halfway through I wished I had just purchased one. While it may take some time for the chickens to get used to the motion, a chicken swing is a great way to keep chickens entertained!


keeping chickens busy chicken swing

6. Chicken Mirrors

A mirror is a great way to keep chickens busy! Mount a mirror to the wall of your coop or run and watch as the chickens watch themselves. It’s also a great way to keep a lonely chicken company, with their own reflection! The temperament of your chickens will determine if a mirror will help keep chickens busy. The are pros and cons to the material the chicken mirror is made with. A glass mirror like this can be mounted easily however it’s breakable. A plastic mirror is harder to break but often smaller and you often lose quality in the reflection.

keep chickens busy mirror

7. Chicken Treats 

Chicken treats are a great way to keep chickens busy! I like to toss my flock treats to help get them into the run at night and when I simply need to round them up. You can put chicken treats in a treat dispenser/chicken peck toy to keep chickens busy for longer or just toss them on the ground. I also like to hold chicken treats in my hand to interact with my flock and it’s how I won my adopted Rooster’s trust!

keep chickens busy chicken peck toy

8. Hanging Lettuce/Cabbage Holder

Hanging lettuce and cabbage is a great way to keep chickens busy! I love watching my chickens wait for this hanging lettuce holder to swing back towards them so they can peck at it again. It sure beats pecking each other! Smaller heads work best but if I can only get a big head of lettuce or cabbage I simply cut it into wedges and it works great too.

keep chickens busy chicken veggie ball


What are some fun ways you like to keep your chickens busy and happy?

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