John Paul Pet Review and Giveaway

     So for those of you who follow my blog and are aware of the medical struggles of my 2 year old, you know he went through bone-tumor removal surgery last August 2014 and has been recovering well at home. With ongoing leg deformity, we continue going to appointments and planning for more surgeries in his future (and to watch for reappearance of the tumor)…and lots of prayers.
     As an Occupational Therapist and Mom, I know that having a service dog would be great for him. Not the kind of dog who washes the dishes, or gets the mail, but simply one to help him back up if he falls, keep him company while he’s playing and encourage him to walk and play. After contacting a service dog agency, and receiving a response that a dog would cost over $5,000 and have a 2 year wait…a friend’s relative had a litter of Shepherd puppies…and I thought…this is a sign! We added this little girl to our family in December of 2014 and are enjoying spending time with her. (See this photo where she looks all calm and adorable? She was trying to eat the dried flowers like a maniac seconds before…bath time!)

      As a household member, it’s important for our puppy to be well groomed and free from odor and dirt. This little rambunctious puppy finds herself digging, romping in the snow, and frankly she pees on her legs a little when trying to squat in the high snow. So yes…regular baths are a must! Our dog trainer suggested an oatmeal shampoo for her, to keep her fur and skin in tip top shape and I am thrilled to share John Paul Pet with you. We are trying out: John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo, Oatmeal Conditioner, and Ear and Eye wipes

     Some company info; John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, revolutionized the professional salon industry by banning animal testing for his line of hair products (one of the reasons I love the human line of products!). As an animal well-being activist and animal lover, he developed John Paul Pet known for their “Tested on Humans First” pet care products. Ph balanced, and designed for sensitive skin, the line is a great way to give fancy groomer quality care to your pet at home!! All three of these products are very reasonably priced and make having a well groomed pet very affordable. You can get a whole grooming set with 6 products or buy individually based on your needs.


      I chose the oatmeal formula because I had noticed some white flakes in our puppies fur, and occasional scratching. As a German Shepherd owner for years, I know they can be susceptible to dry itchy skin and possibly allergies. So first I turned the bottles around to see what ingredients are inside. Looks good, right?! An awesome list of ingredients I was proud to put on my pup!
     Next I opened up the bottle to smell the shampoo…smells like sweet almond oil!! Yep, almond oil inside. I really love that the fragrance is natural, and not like some of the powerful deodorizing shampoos I’ve encountered that leave my pup smelling like an air freshener. I first thoroughly wet my pup’s fur, then added the clear shampoo giving her a much needed cleaning.

     The conditioner was thicker then the clear shampoo and white. This really must be the secret because it’s almost a week later and she’s still shiny!! I thought…this shampoo must be $25 on Amazon…I was shocked to see that it’s right on par with what I paid at the pet store for something full of garbage a few weeks earlier. I let my pup shake off with the shower curtain down, the proceeded to towel dry her and let her further air dry next to our warm pellet stove.

   After she dried, I cleaned her ears with the ear wipes. They are thin and flexible so I used one per ear, folded in half, which is good for preventing the spread of germs from one ear to the other too. At 3 months old, her ears stand up periodically and sometimes are both up, or only one at a time. Keeping them clean is on my priority list and she enjoys the grooming and attention. I brushed her with our furminator and continue to do a touch up bushing every two days or so. I love knowing that I can groom her at home for a fraction of what it would cost to have a professional grooming done, and she looks just as good if not better! The John Pal Pets Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle enough that I can use them again without worrying that her skin will dry out of that she’ll be exposed to harsh chemicals….and it’s really great to have a clean dog, especially when she’s the snuggler for my 3 little boys!

For the Giveaway!!

One lucky USA person will win the same Oatmeal set from John Paul Pets!! Please enter using the tool below, thanks for stopping by and good luck! USA 18+ legal residents, void where prohibited. No P.O. boxes, entries will be verified, spam accounts will not be considered for prize. 

     Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I did receive product samples to facilitate this review, these are actual photos of the products in this review, the opinions and experiences are genuine. There are affiliate links to Amazon so you can order these products if you wish at awesome prices and free shipping for orders over $35. I do get a percentage of sales through these links, and last year made just over 80 cents! So no worries about the honestly of my opinions, they are not influenced by profit through these links. 
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