INTIMINA KegelSmart pelvic floor trainer review

Intimina KegelSmart Review

The Kegelsmart pelvic floor trainer review. I remember learning about kegel exercises when I was a young lady. My Mom told me that when you start and stop peeing, it was basically a kegel exercise. I later learned at an Occupational Therapy conference that this was wrong. Kegel exercises are far more than starting and stopping when you pee. Kegel exercises strengthen your entire pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor parts are basically a sling of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves that keep your uterus, bladder, vagina and rectum in their proper locations. These muscles can lose strength from general weakness, pregnancy, childbirth, stress, trauma and perhaps for no known reason at all. A weak pelvic floor can lead to bladder leaks or total incontinence, bowel continence and even impact sexual pleasure. Read more below and visit my affiliate links for purchase:

Intimina kegelsmart review

Pelvic floor exercisers are not a new concept. Many women use kegel weights, ben-wa balls,  yoni eggs, other powered trainers and just plain old exercises. The important thing is that you have something to squeeze, are doing the exercises properly and are consistently doing them.

I was excited to have the opportunity to try a sample of the INTIMINA KegelSmart pelvic floor trainer. This device gets inserted into the vagina and is used to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It has an on-off button, comes with a bottle of lubricant and requires a battery for operation. Once you push the side button, it vibrates quickly a few times to let you know it’s activated. Then, it has a series of what I counted to be 30 vibrations that signal you to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles.

So, now you’re wondering why you would insert something like this pelvic floor trainer into your vagina to strengthen your muscles. Can’t you just squeeze them? No. Most people do not know how to isolate their pelvic floor muscles to exercise them properly. To exercise the pelvic floor, you pull in and up with the muscles. How do you know if you’re doing it right? You squeeze a pelvic floor exerciser just like this! Take a look at it below:

Intimina kegelsmart review

Intimina kegelsmart review

Intimina kegelsmart review

Intimina kegelsmart review

Intimina kegelsmart review

     Personal experience. So, Right out of the package I knew I liked this kit. It’s well designed, smooth and easy to insert with the lubricant. It vibrates, then breaks, then vibrates, then breaks repeatedly 30 times. First, 10 short vibrations, then 20 longer vibrations then it’s over.

     I do like the vibration to signal to pull my pelvic floor in but wish this went more than 30 times. If I want to do another 30, I have to take it out and turn it back on again before re-inserting. I did find a way to work with this and after doing the 30 exercises, I hold it in with my muscles as long as I physically can before my body wills it to come back out again.

     Room for high-tech readings. I had envisioned that this reported to my smart phone or computer, but the way it shows what level you are on is by the number of blinks on the side. It still says level 1 for me and the company spokeswoman said that the level is dependent on strength and accuracy with squeezes. So, possibly I’m kegel uncoordinated. Either way, holding it in with my muscles provides a great strength training exercise after I do the 30 repetitions and is way less expensive than one copay to a therapist.

Storage and cleaning

     I have been keeping this in the box it came in along with the wash/spray and lubricant. It’s easy to pull out of my drawer when I’m ready to use it and even though the spray says it doesn’t have to be washed off, I use water anyway. A small wetbag would also be ideal to store this.

     However, While the unit says it’s waterproof, I did notice that the device has to be opened and cleaned where the battery sits after each use. I would not take this into the bath and am a bit disappointed about the seam issues. There are less expensive trainers out there that don’t have the seam and have magnetic charging or a charging cable that pokes through, but doesn’t puncture, the silicone.

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Does it work?

     I have yet to see my OB, but I have been using this a few times a week for the past few weeks. It’s easy to walk around while doing these exercises and could be completed during a shower or other activity. It can be used standing or lying, but I have not tried sitting. I do know that my husband noticed a difference. That was music to my ears! After delivering 4 babies, 1 via c-section and 3 VBAC I’ve always wondered if he noticed a diference. I mean, humans came out of me and I’m super proud of that, but want to keep all of me exercised and fit. He asked “have you been using that exerciser?” Why yes I have…

Is it worth the money?

In my opinion, you can get kegel trainers for a much lower price point and squeeze them for as many reps as needed. If you need a guided training session, this is a good idea but the exercises can be done with the many different options out there.




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Sheena Green
Sheena Green
4 years ago

This might be something to look into.

4 years ago

Interesting to see if experts think this works in a few years.

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