I Am a Mom and I Refuse to Look Like One; Strike a Nerve?

     Rarely do things I see online bother me, I understand that people often don’t take the same care and consideration in interactions online as they may in face to face interactions. This however struck a nerve with me and I responded. “I am a Mom and I refuse to look like one”….and I thought look like what?! The happiest (also most tired) I have ever been in my life, surrounded by love, admiration, snuggles, laughter (some crying) and the most beautiful people I have ever known. Watching them grow is what my life is about. Okay, some days I’m tired and I may leave the house not fully made-up, but my kids look great and I rather that any day over looking like a doll myself!! I blurred the person’s account out. Do you Look like a Mom today? Thoughts?

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